Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Buy Dave!

A few months ago Dave bought four surf boards from a student who was leaving the island. They were all short boards purchased sight unseen for $80.  The student really needed the money and Dave figured that the boards  could be used by our kids no matter the condition.

When Dave went to pick up the boards the student needed some help getting some other stuff out of his apartment so Dave, being the very nice guy that he is, offered to help him move the other stuff out. Dave's good deed was rewarded with about five boxes of miscellaneous stuff that the student was just going to throw out anyway.

When Dave brought the boxes home and told me the story I rolled my eyes thinking, "more boxes of junk". But then he pointed out that one of the boxes was full of food, expensive food like pasta and tuna and canned chicken and other canned food items. There was also some laundry detergent, a laundry basket and a few other useful household items.  "OK," I said, "it can stay."

Then Heath pulled a pair of very nice, hardly worn, UnderArmor tennis shoes out of a box along with a sweatshirt and a pair of boardshorts, all things that he had been needing.

Then the girls found a box with frisbees and soccer balls and other sports equipment.  They also found a white board and some school supplies. These were things they had been wanting that we had gotten rid of in Washington before the move.

Then Kirkham pulled out an X-Box, controllers, and some games. Had we been needing this? No.  Was he excited about it. YES!

Wow! We were all impressed with Dave's great deal: $80 for 4 surfboards plus the hundreds of dollars worth of other stuff. There were a few more boxes of things, some textbooks, some Magic cards and some other odds and ends.  Nothing that we particularly needed or wanted.  It all got pushed to the side of the garage and was quickly forgotten.

Forgotten until this last weekend when we cleaned up the garage to get the Christmas stuff out. Dave sent me upstairs to find out how much I could sell the textbooks for online--just like I had sold all our other books before the move.  Within a few minutes I had a quote of $152 for the six books!

Kirkham spotted the Magic cards and remembered that he had a few friends who were interested in Magic. He decided to see if they would be interested in buying them.  He sold them for $20!

The kids are now considering selling the X-box.

By the way, the boards did not have fins and did not have leashes.  We had to spend about $40 on each board to get it into working order but they are all pretty decent boards.

We spent
initial purchase of surf boards  $80
purchase of fins/leashes           160
TOTAL                                $240

We made
sold text books                      $152
sold Magic cards                       20
TOTAL                                 $172

$240 (spent) - $172 (made) = $68 out of pocket for all that stuff.  GREAT BUY DAVE!

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