Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ants in my Camera!

Yesterday as I raised my camera to my eye and focused in on my chosen subject an ant walked across my lens.  Shocked I nearly dropped my equipment as I spun it around to brush the pest off the camera. I was even more surprised to find that the ant wasn't traipsing across the outside of my lens, he was inside!

I worked quickly twisting the lens off the camera body and a small swarm of ants emerged from both lens and body.  I was disgusted! I shook and blew and brushed at both pieces desperately working to clear it of the tiny insects.  They were the smallest little ants I've ever seen, yellowish brown in color and marching in irregular drunken patterns. A few minutes of vigorous shaking and squishing later I felt like I had them all.  I cautiously put the camera to my face and finished my photo shoot. I carefully inspected my camera bag for any sign of ants and returned the camera to it's case.

A few hours later I was ready to download my pictures. I plugged the camera into my computer and flipped the switch. Nothing.  Oh dear, in all the commotion earlier I had forgotten that my battery was low and needed to be charged. I flipped the camera on it's back, slid open the battery compartment and WHOA . . .ants came flooding out!

I repeated the earlier process, brushing, shaking and squishing every ant I could find and then I spent the next . . .way too much time . . . researching online what to do.  What did I find? Very little. Other people with similar problems but few solutions to it. Instead there were lots of jests and jeers, "LOL" "the ants come marching . . .", "you've got to be kidding". "Did you leave it in a picnic basket".  Some people trying to be helpful offered solutions like "lure them out with sugar", "lure them out with liver", "spray it with ant killer", "warm it up by leaving it in the sun". I didn't think those were suitable solutions.

I finally came across a solution that sounded plausible, "seal the equipment in a ziploc bag to starve the pests of oxygen.  Leave it in there for a few days to be sure they all die." This was a solution that might work, I thought. So I did it.  I sealed my camera and lens in a gallon size ziploc freezer bag and set it in a safe place. Tonight I checked in on it and my camera is surrounded by miniature corpses.  HURRAY!

I will leave it in there until tomorrow just to make sure.
And, I think I will store the camera in a ziploc bag inside of my camera bag to keep this from happening again.

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  1. Haha, there is a price to pay for all that warm weather and stunning scenery....bugs!!!! Thanks for sharing this as its easy for us to be envious of where you live while forgetting about the ants, spiders, bumble bees, monster roaches, and lizards that you share your island home with. Literally! I'm sorry about your camera, though, and I hope there will be no permanent damage, because I love your awesome pictures!


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