Friday, October 28, 2011

Time Fly's

Oh my goodness!  I knew it was October because I've had to write a few checks this month but without the grey cloudy days and the cold temperatures of my former home I hadn't quite grasped we were fast approaching the end. That is until I got an email from Ben & Jerry's AND Baskin & Robbins both wishing me a happy birthday and a free scoop of ice cream.  What a happy girl I am! But that means it's almost November.  Where has the time gone?

I often have friends ask, "Have you been to ________________yet?" Fill in the blank with Punchbowl, USS Arizona, Bishop's Museum, Pali Lookout, Haunama Bay, the Zoo, or any of a number of other things. I live in Laie, home of the PCC and I haven't even been to the Nightshow yet! I haven't seen any waterfalls or botanical gardens.  I haven't shopped at Ala Moana, walked out to China man's hat, or been South of Kaneohe.

What have I done? Before I answer that question I must preface by reminding you that life moves slower here.  And by slower what I really mean is that everything takes longer. All major stores and restaurants and entertainment are a minimum of 40 minutes away; most are further. Doctors and Dentists and other services too are an hour away. Those things that are close can also take a while to get to: we walk or ride bikes to as many things as possible to save money on gas because though there are gas stations out here we prefer to buy it in town and save 25 cents or more a gallon.

It's not just travel that takes longer.  Cleaning takes longer.  With windows and doors always open everything is dusty. Sand constantly is being brought in on feet and towels and clothes and surfboards which makes for a lot of sweeping and vacuuming. Bugs abound here--though I'm starting to get so used to the little ants that I hardly notice them now--so cupboards and surfaces have to be wiped and sprayed with bug killer regularly. The damp air makes for a lot of mold and mildew. Mud on clothes turns to rust in the laundry so kids clothes must be vigilantly spot checked.

So, with that being said, now you can ask: what have I done? Pretty much the same things I did in Washington minus the yardwork; the home repairs; the car, motorcycle, and boat maintenance;  PTA; activities with extended family. We are filling the gaps with surfing.  We have done a lot of surfing. We surf more than anyone else we know. We're out about 3 times per week. We surfed Monday night and last night.  We'll go out this afternoon and I'm sure when Dave gets home from Chicago on Saturday the first thing he's gonna want to do is go surfing.  Time fly's when you're surfing.

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  1. think of us as you surf....i sure think of you when i go get jheriko from the bus stop and it is raining...a cold rain-not warm...


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