Monday, October 24, 2011

An Old Friend Comes to Visit

It has been years, more than 16, since I've seen my old friend Bonnie. She moved to my hometown in high school and we became fast friends, almost inseperable. So many good memories. Just a month or so after we moved here Bonnie's parents also moved here.  They are serving a mission at the University and work in Dave's department.  What a happy coincidence and how excited I was when I heard Bonnie and her family would be coming to visit them.

We made plans to go to the beach together on Friday afternoon when the kids got out of school; just a short visit to introduce the families and say hello. They kindly  invited us to her parents house for dinner after and we enjoyed a fun night of visiting and catching up and my kids took her's out to night games and introduced them to some "locals".  Everyone hit it off so well that we made plans to possibly meet again on Saturday evening for some surfing at Turtle Bay.

Turtle Bay was breaking kind of small Saturday night so it was perfect for the whole family.  Yes, even Cora paddled out and caught some great waves. It was so nice to be back on the water again after my surgery.  Bonnie's family came out to join us after visiting Punchbowl and the USS Arizona and they too caught some good rides. After surfing they left to catch the night show at PCC. We said our good-byes knowing they had a pretty busy schedule.

I was tickled Sunday when I got a text from Bonnie asking if we could get together again; their plans had changed. It was raining pretty hard all day Sunday so we invited them over for cookies and games. Again we had a great time and when it was time for them to get on to their next activity Bonnie and I made plans to surf together on Monday morning before their flight out.

Bonnie and I, Best Friends reunited.
I am so thankful for old friends.  Thank you Bonnie for spending a little of your vacation time with us! (and I'm thankful our schedule permitted).

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