Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just another day in Paradise

I had a real hard time sleeping on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  I was very sore from too much surfing (several hours Saturday night, 2 hours Monday morning and 1.5 hours Monday night).  My ribs hurt from hitting the board.  My shins hurt from pointing and flexing my toes too much as I tried to balance.  Of course my shoulders and back were killing me from all the paddling.  It felt great--since I knew what it was from--but it still made it hard to sleep.

Woke up at 4am with Dave.  Had to take him to meet a group of students who will be travelling to Chicago. Came home and tried to sleep some more.

6:30am I was up with the kids.  Got them ready for school and out the door.  Also got a load of laundry out of the dryer.  Drove the kids to school and met a friend there.  She asked a few days ago for my help in transporting some large props that had been used for the elementary school's fall play, back to the BYU prop shop.  It took some huffing and puffing but we got it all back.

8:30am walked next door to meet my two friends (yes, hurray! I have two friends!).  We exercise most mornings.  After our gpp workout we went on a fast 1.7 mile walk.

9:30 home. Eat. Shower. Dress. Fold Laundry. Tidy house. Answer some emails. Write a shopping list. Work on submissions for kids to be extras on Hawaii 5-0.

1:00 make myself some lunch, find my slippers, gather some snacks for the kids and my things and get ready for a trip into Mililani.

1:30 pick up the girls from the elementary school. 1:45 pick up the boys from the High School. 2:00 we hit the highway and make our way into Mililani. The kids always beg for the radio to be turned up full blast.  I don't mind it so much but once we get past Turtle Bay the radio doesn't work too well until we get to Wahiawa. So we had to talk along the way.

As we passed each beach the kids checked out the waves and each gave their report of the action: how many surfers, how big the waves were, if they were curling left or right, etc. We were stuck behind a tour bus so it was slow going and even I was able to turn my head and take in the scenery.

The kids were especially excited to see a big overlook being built for the HIC surf contest this week at Sunset Beach.  They were concerned however that the waves weren't breaking very big today and wondered what would happen if it wasn't breaking the day of the competition.  I had no idea. As we passed Waimea they asked me when the bay would get any waves.  Again I had no idea.  Everytime we pass it is glassy.  Hard to imagine that it turns into a big ferocious beast during the winter but that's what I've been told.

3pm Got to Mililani and Cora's orthodontist appointment a few minutes late--darn that tour bus. The other three kids walked around the adjoining mall while I visited with the doc.  Cora's teeth are looking good. One more week of expansion and then the retainer will remain to hold the change in place.  We don't know for how long yet.

3:20 appointment is done.  Walk out of the docs office and the kids drag me over to HIC (a surf shop).  They point at the huge poster in the window and remind me that we saw the podium being built.  We go in the shop and the girls try on various trucker hats while Heath browses through the boardshorts and Tee's.  Kirkham finds a fedora that he is in love with.  I told him to put it on his Christmas list. I asked if they had any women's boardshorts but they were fresh out--and they call themselves a surf shop. Ha. We headed over to the bicycle shop where Heath convinced me to purchase fenders for his mountain bike claiming it will save me money.  I won't have to replace as many school clothes that have gotten dirt/rust stains from road splatter he claims.

4pm go to walmart and wander through the store buying everything that we might possibly need over the next month.  The kids are wearing through slippers like they're free so I had to purchase 5 pairs. Got party supplies for The Great Pumpkin Carve among other things.

5pm go to Costco and eat at the outdoor cafe. Ordered two pizza slices, 2 hot dogs and 1 polish.  Saw our neighbors and visited with them for a few minutes.  ADORE their cute kids! When we are done eating we head into Costco. We walked through most of the aisles and filled our cart to overflowing. Heath and Kirkham were so excited to find shirts similar to the ones at HIC for a quarter of the price.  They convinced me to buy a couple.  Kirkham also negotiated for a copy of the new Rick Riordan hardback.  I told him he had to pay for $5 of the $12 total. The kids may have snuck a birthday present for me into the cart.  I'm not sure though because I wasn't allowed to look at the bottom rack of the cart. After checking out I forced everyone to go in and use the restroom because we had a long ride home.

6:30 we emerge from Costco and I instructed the kids to take the cart and boxes across the parking lot to the truck while I "get something".  They happily complied as they watched me walk toward the outdoor cafe again.  I got each of them an ice cream sundae.  When I got over to the truck most of the stuff was in the bed.  Heath finished securing everything while I assigned seats and passed out ice cream.  We filled up the gas tanks before leaving Costco.

7pm back at Walmart.  Costco didn't carry the printer ink I needed and I had forgotten to get sprinkles and powdered sugar earlier. I ran into another neighbor walking down one of the aisles. I waved hello but didn't stop to chat; I had left all four kids in the car and was pretty sure they would be tearing each other apart in the dark of the parking lot.

7:30 finally back on the road home.  The kids had been just fine and were playing happily with each other until it was time to close the doors.  Cora wasn't very happy to have to sit in the middle of the back seat.  She fell asleep within a few minutes of being on the freeway. As we drove up over the hill out of Wahiawa and descended towards Wailua and Haleiwa the radio went fuzzy again and the kids eyes were drawn to the lights below. They oohed and aahed. Pretty soon Afton was asleep too.  Heath pulled out the camera and started taking pictures of his sleeping sisters. The roads were pretty clear all the way home--no tour buses.

8:30 Home.  I carry Cora into bed.  Afton wakes up and helps the boys and I get everything in the house.  The cold items get put away immediately and then we gather for scriptures and prayer.  Afton joins Cora in bed.  I put most of the rest of the purchased groceries away but poop out by 9:15 and easily convince Heath to set up the newest episode of Hawaii 5-0 on the computer. Our TV cable got cut last week; fortunately internet still works and we can stream our favorite shows.

10pm Good Episode.  Good Day.  Time to go to bed. Good night!

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