Friday, October 14, 2011

I know you're worried mom

A quick update on me post surgery:
Saturday: I felt OK but was on painkillers still. I napped a lot. My neighbor Bitsy made us dinner: delicious enchiladas. (I asked and her secret is that she adds some brown sugar to the Old El Paso canned sauce.  so simple)

Sunday: I went to church and taught my Primary class of 9 six year olds.  My friend Michelle gladly agreed to  come in and help me out.  She thought I was crazy for not calling a substitute.  She was probably right.  I came home and slept for 4 hours.  Dave made French Toast for dinner.

Monday: I felt pretty yucky. Perhaps I had done too much going to church the day before or perhaps it was anesthesia still in my system. Or Dave suggested that it was withdrawal after being off the prescription painkillers.  Whatever it was I was nauseous and had a terrible headache. I didn't do much of anything that day. The kids were out of school for their last day of fall break; my friend Jenny took them to the beach to get them out of my hair. I have no recollection of dinner or food but I think my family ate that night.

Tuesday: I woke up without a headache and I felt much better so I headed out to exercise.  I got through most of my daily routine without much trouble.  A little bit of cramping and I was tired and had to take a nap mid afternoon. Only took Ibuprofen for pain. I made dinner all by myself  (I threw a pork roast in a crock pot and made Cafe Rio Pork Tacos. So easy.)

Wednesday: I exercised and then Dave and I headed out to the beach, he didn't have to be to work until 1pm.  He cannot surf right now either because he injured his rib last week while surfing.  We went down to Pipeline/Backdoors and sat and watched the surfers, bodyboarders and waves for a while.  Came home and got through the usual routine without much trouble at all though I was tired by dinner time.  My friend Michelle brought us a scrumptious lasagna and beautiful salad that she and her Achievement Days girls (Twenty 8-12 year olds) made for their activity. What a nice surprise.

Thursday: Up to 95%.  Exercising, housework, grocery shopping, baking, etc, etc.  No napping, not overly tired. Stomach is still a little crampy occasionally  but that was mostly overshadowed by my sore legs; my morning exercise was hiking halfway up to Laie falls and back. I may be feeling that longer than the surgery.

Friday: Today! Feeling good. Heading out to the elementary school awards ceremony this morning for Cora. Must drive into Town for Science Fair Project supplies, a scout shirt, some groceries.

No big plans for the weekend yet. I might have my first substituting job on Monday. One more week and I'll be back on my surfboard.

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