Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Make a Candy Lei

About a month ago Dave and I attended a "New Hire" Banquet at BYUH. It was a nice meal of local flavors and they had booths manned by people from different pacific islands to teach everyone about the culture and traditions of the area.  One of the things we were taught was how to make a candy lei.  The student that taught us how to make them said it was very important  to learn because in the elementary schools when the children participate in events or win awards their parents bring them candy leis and if our kids didn't get candy leis they would feel bad and might get teased. We don't want that for our brand new students now, do we?!

I just found out yesterday that Cora will be receiving the Super Citizen Award tomorrow so today I made her a candy lei.  So glad I learned how.  They are so easy to do.

You will need:
cellophane or plastic wrap (colored or clear)
candy (you can also add toys like bouncy balls or matchbox cars too)
ribbon (any type or style)
measuring tape

Step 1- roll out a piece of plastic wrap or cellophane to 36".
You can make your lei longer if you want but you need at least 36" of plastic wrap or cellophane to fit over the head.

Step 2 - place candies down the middle of the plastic wrap/cellophane the long way.  Leave less than one inch between candies.

Step 3- roll the candies up in the plastic wrap/cellophane.

Step 4 - tie ribbon between each candy.  You can tie them into bows or use multiple ribbons or just use simple string or whatever you want.  Be creative. Then tie the ends of the plastic wrap/cellophane together to close the lei.

Optional: Sometimes you see leis with big ribbons on one of the shoulders.  I wanted to do that for Cora's.  Here is how to make a big bow.  (I didn't learn this at the New Hire banquet.  I learned this when I was a teenager.) This works best with wide wire ribbon but can be used with other mediums too.

Step 1 - Wrap the ribbon around something that is approximately the size you want your bow to be.  Make sure that it can slide off.  Since my plastic wrap carton was right there and was the right size I used it.

Step 2 - Slide the ribbon off  and flatten it.  Find the middle and clip a small triangle into each edge.

Step 3 - Wrap a small piece of wire or string (I used a wire bread bag tie) through the triangles and twist and tighten in the center.

Step 4 - Holding onto the wire ends with one hand, use the other hand to slide each loop off and twist it up.

Step 5 - Continue holding onto the wire ends as you slip loops off each end and twist. Alternate directions.

Step 6 - Fluff your loops and arrange them so they are somewhat equally spaced but still random (at least that's how I like my bows to look).  Twist the wire ends around the lei to secure. 

I think this looks pretty good on Cora's Pillow Pet.  Tomorrow we'll see how it looks on her!

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