Friday, October 21, 2011

Cost of Homemade Lunch

I've been wondering lately if it would be cheaper for me to continue making sack lunches or to buy school lunches.  On Wednesday I spent a few minutes calculating the cost of a loaf of my homemade bread, Thursday I figured how much it costs me to make cookies to put into the lunches, and today I have the final cost breakdown for a basic sack lunch.These are based on the best prices (available to the public) I have found here in Hawaii.

2 T Peanut Butter---------------------.10
2 T Jam/Jelly---------------------------.10
2 slices homemade bread----------.07
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich total is --------.27
1 Large Homemade cookie-------------------------- .16 (average cost.  range is .08-.20)
1 piece of fruit------------------------------------------- .30 (a banana, apple, grapes etc.  3-5 oz.)
Capri Sun Juice drink ----------------------------------.20

Lunch total is .93
To pack this lunch I also need lunch sacks and plastic baggies at a cost of approximately .06 per day for a total lunch cost of .99 per day.

Ninety-nine cents is certainly cheaper than a full price lunch; however, I have recently learned that in Hawaii we qualify for reduced lunches.  Reduced lunches cost .40 per day.  By buying lunches at school I will SAVE .59 per day per kid! That is $2.36 per day.

Multiply that by 180 school days per year that is a savings of $424.80 over the course of the 9 months the kids are in school.  Cool. (we only have about 7 more months of school so my savings will be lower.)

They can get reduced price breakfasts at school for .30 per day.  I wonder if that will save me some money too?

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