Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cora's Talk - 23 october 2011

(Cora printed  Sister Dalton's conference address out, highlighted it and then told Dave what she wanted to say and he typed it.  She delivered it spot on.  So proud of her.  Her first talk in front of the congregation!)

Aloha brothers and sisters
Two Sundays ago my brothers and sister and I were asked to speak about a general conference talk that we liked. My talk comes from Elaine S Dalton called “Love Your Mother”. This talk made me feel really good.

As she began her talk she remembered her son, a rugby player who was holding his new born little girl. She says that he looked up to her with an expression that read, “How do I raise a girl.”

Sister Dalton then explained that the best thing a father can do, to raise his little girl, is to “love her mother.” When you do this you will teach your daughter about “tenderness, loyalty, respect, compassion, and devotion.” She will learn from example and will have set expectations for what she looks for in a potential husband.

Most importantly, she will be taught that she is a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves her very much. Sister Dalton goes on to explain the purpose of Young Women’s lessons and themes. She states, “We are teaching them to commit now to live so that she can always be worthy to enter the temple and not to allow anything to delay, distract or disqualify her from that goal.” She then tells fathers that, “Your example, as her father, speaks louder than our important words. Many express that their greatest desire is to be united eternally as a family. They want you to be there when they go to the temple and get married in the temple.” 

Sister Dalton also counsels fathers, “When she turns 12, take her with you to the temple often to perform baptisms for your ancestors and others. She will cherish these memories forever.” Sister Dalton then shares with fathers the importance of becoming a guardian of virtue. Fathers need to be careful about the entertainment they allow in their house. She says “By being a guardian of virtue in your own life, in your home, and in the lives of your children, you are showing your wife and daughters what true love really is. Your personal purity will give you power.”

I think my favorite part of the talk is when she is talking about teenage girls dating. She says that if your daughter does not come home on time- you should go get her. You will be showing her that you care enough about her purity that you will risk embarrassment and ruining her social life to protect her.

I am grateful for my father. I like that he followed the promptings of the spirit to move us to Hawaii. I especially like it when he takes us out to the beach and teaches me how to surf. I know that he is sharing something he loves to do with me. I can see how happy it makes him to see me, or my sister or brothers, and maybe even my mom, standing up on a surfboard as we ride in. By sharing what he loves with us, he is showing us he wants us to experience all the happiness he has in his life with us.

So- how do you raise a girl? Love her mother. Love your family- ensure that they can enter the temple and live together eternally. I know that I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father. I know that He loves us. I also know that my father loves me too. I know that because he shows it to me in the way he treats my mom and my family. I also know that someday I will marry in the temple and that my father and mother will be there with me as we enjoy the blessings of eternity.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ- Amen

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