Monday, October 03, 2011

Bumps and Bruises

I am an easy bruiser. I am also accident prone. This combination means it is rare for me not to have a bruise or a scrape somewhere on my body. Since I started surfing I look like a potential abuse victim. My shin is still healing from crashing into some rocks a few weeks ago. I have bruises on my legs, thighs and abdomen from hitting the board when I've fallen. I also have the tell-tale surfer bruises on my biceps and my stomach under my ribs. This is where my arms and ribs rub against the board as I'm paddling.

My new bike is not helping matters either. I have a scrape on the top of my foot that is still healing from a minor crash--my front tire caught a curb and tossed me. I have bruises at the back of my calf where, when my foot slipped off, the pedal hit me. I have a cut running up my left thumb from knuckle to knuckle. I don't remember what happened there but I was on my bike when it happened.

AND I have proof that exercise may not be good for me!! It too is doing damage to me and leaving more than just sore muscles. We were doing planks the other day, from our elbows, and I got yoga mat burns on both of them! I feel like a 6 year old walking around with band-aids on both elbows; however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am now tanner than the color of a band-aid. (Unfortunately I also have proof that exercise is very good for me . . . though I haven't lost any weight--not necessarily the goal anyway--I have lost several inches around my hips and waist and surfing is getting easier as my arms and abs are getting stronger.)

I am not the only one that's been roughed up.  Dave has an injured rib and can't surf for a week or so, doctor's orders. Afton lost half a toe nail and scraped across her foot.  Kirkham gouged his knee pretty bad. Cora and Heath too have various cuts and all of them have bruises not a few. We go through boxes of band-aids and tubes of neosporin quicker than we ever have before.  I have stocked up and bought 4 mega boxes last time I was in town, last week.  We are already down to three.

It is never fun to be injured but I can't say we're suffering.

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  1. OUCH! Sorry you're having so many injuries lately. I seem to remember similar situations growing up. I still have scars from some of them, but none major, thankfully. Lately I have been using tea tree oil on cuts and scrapes and it seems to work very well. Just thought I'd mention that and, oh, yeah, I miss you!


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