Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A $70 Shopping Trip

Today I got myself over to Safeway and was able to cash in on some great deals they are offering on their new site to Oahu residents. They now do price matching for some items on sale at other stores, online coupons and "personal pricing" all using their website and your Club Card. I really don't want to take the time to explain it all so just go to their website and check it out in the "Just 4 U" section.

Being that it is Tuesday these deals will not be available tomorrow but they will have a whole new round of price matches and savings up every Wednesday morning.  This is what I got:

3 gallons of distilled water 3/$4
20# of Hinode Rice $10.97
40 pack of Capri Sun $7.99
1 dozen large AA eggs FREE
16 Yoplait Yogurts .62 each
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia pint $2.49
2 generic omeprazole 28 ct. $8.50 each (these were marked 50% off because they will expire in December. Dave has to take these daily, however, so they will easily be used up before they expire.  This is $3.50 cheaper than I can get the same thing through my insurance!)
3.5# Red Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb
10# Gala Apples .99/lb!!!

My total bill for the day including tax was $71.01

I think that's a pretty good price.  Safeway is 45 minutes away so I will not be going there all the time. I'd have to add a $15 gas surcharge if I did that. But when I'm already heading through Kaneohe I think I will check their website and see what deals I can get.

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  1. Channel 2 filmed me shopping at Safeway- will be airing Nov 10 and 11. I only had a few things on my list, but it got better as I shopped!


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