Friday, September 16, 2011

This pot should look familiar.  It is the first pot that I purchased and started back in July. It still contains the green onion, tomato and strawberries that I originally planted.  I transplanted the pineapple into another pot this week because it was outgrowing the accommodations.  In it's place I have put a rosemary cutting that should be taking root. The strawberry hasn't produced any more fruit but it is putting out a whole lot of runners.  I am hoping to have a pot full of strawberry plants when it decides to flower and fruit again. I use the green onions regularly.  I just cut off the top and leave the root to send up new shoots.  It's working out rather well.

On top of the broken old boogie board is my nursery. The boogie board provides a slightly cooler temperature so the seedlings don't dry out so easily.  It also diverts water run off all in the same direction so that I don't get muddy puddles on my deck.  In the nursery I have lettuce, nasturtium, green chili, watermelon, papaya and ginger seedlings.  I also have cilantro, chive, hawaiian purple tomato, hawaiian roma tomato and bell pepper starts.  My oregano and thai basil have also maintained residence here, though they are neither seedlings or starts, because they like the climate in this corner of the deck.

The tomato bush is doing OK.  I was hoping it would get bigger but found out this variety is quite temperamental here.  I have learned that I should only purchase University of Hawaii cultivars here.  They do they best.  You can see that this plant has some leaf borers and some mineral deficiency. The first 4 tomatoes to ripen all had blossom end rot and were inedible.  This is my first ripe tomato and it was delicious on my hamburger last night.

This corner of the deck is for my sun-lovers. It gets about 45 minutes more sun every day and therefore stays hot longer.  Here I have (from left to right) sweet potato, cucumber, watermelon, lilikoi and pineapple (sharing the pot in the back), cantaloupe, aloe and my pineapple patch. Lilikoi is the island name for passion fruit.

Beautiful flowers on this healthy little cucumber plant.

I have started all these pineapple plants from pineapple we bought at the store. They are doing quite well and are getting a lot of nice new green growth on top.  Remember it takes 2 years to get a pineapple but in two years I'm going to be a very happy hawaiian. It looks like I have a pepper plant that has hitchhiked into the smallest pineapple pot.  The kids have been taking seeds right out of our fruits and vegetables and placing them directly into a pot to see if they will grow.  This pepper is one of those!

The third corner of the garden is for my shade lovers.  This spot gets about 45 minutes less sun than the first garden bed.  Here I have a brand new eggplant.  It is trying to get used to it's new pot and was drying out too quickly on the other side of the deck.  Once it gets it's roots settled in it will be moved to a brighter domain.  Eggplants love the sun. In the black pot I have way too many things and so it dries out easily too.  In it I have sweet basil, cherry tomatoes, manoa lettuce, and a vine of long beans.  The lettuce is nearing the end of it's season but we have been enjoying picking it a leaf at a time as needed.  The basil too is delicious. The long beans are just beginning to set flowers and the tomatoes . . .

 . . . should be turning red soon.  Cora likes to go out and count them every day to see how many little tomatoes are on there.  so far I think we've got about 30 but more are setting every day.

In the shady corner behind everything is my dragon fruit start.  He has been having a tough time since I brought him home.  He was a cutting from a friend.  When we first got him here it rained really hard and nearly drowned him.  He started getting streaks of brown and black.  Trying to resusciate him I moved him to my back porch, which gets a ton of sun, to try and dry him out.  Unfortunately I forgot him back there and  he got too dry.  In this spot he should be shielded from too much rain, will get enough sun to keep him happy and will be able to move into a sunnier spot in the near future after his full recovery.  The roots coming out the side are a good sign that he is beginning to feel better as is the new section growing on the top.

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  1. I know where you live- my husband put that deck addition on for the current pool in the pic!


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