Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping and Menu?

It's a good thing I hit Costco after Cora's orthodontist appointment on Tuesday because this week's sales are horrible.  These are the only things that are a decent price this week at Foodland:
Chinese Cabbage 79 cents per pound
Green Peppers 1.69 per pound
General Mills Cereals, 20-21 oz $3.29 per box--use printable $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon(reloads 10/1)
Chef's Choice Coconut milk $1.79

The Cereal is a good price so once I get that coupon printed off I'll go in and buy as many as I can. The cabbage I'll use to make wontons this week.  I'll chop up the peppers and put them in the freezer to be used at a later time, a little at a time.  Of course I need coconut milk for baking up coconut banana bread--I make it in large batches and freeze it for serving to guests--and I also need the coconut milk to make coco rice, a new favorite of the kids. Local food.

This morning I visited the BYUH farmers market.  They hold it in the ballroom every pay day friday. The prices are not great but they are better than regular price at the grocery store, most of the time.  I bought wonton wrappers, bean sprouts, fresh saimin noodles, fresh ginger root, 2 zucinni, 5# potatoes and 2 cinnamon buns (Lunch for Dave and I).  I was hoping to find Chinese Spinach at the garden booth but it was all sold out

Tonight Dave and I will be driving across the island for date night.  We will be attending, with some friends, a "Food Truck Fest" AKA "Street Grindz" AKA "Eat the Street". I've always been a little wary of eating food from a food truck, I'm not much of a Foodie, but Dave does like this kind of thing. It will be fun to go out with some new friends and I'm sure the food will be good.

The kids will be off for Fall Break this next week so our schedule is going to be thrown into a big mess. Heath has band camp, Kirkham is volunteering every night at the PCC Haunted Lagoon, the kids have a swim meet, Cora has another ortho appointment, I have a doctor appointment and my surgery/procedure, The girls are participating in a theatrical production and then of course there is also scouts: meeting, merit badge clinics and a camporee.  Busy week. And I thought it might be nice to do something like go snorkeling or hiking but we'll have to see if there's any time left.

Because of the craziness waiting to be unleashed this next week my menu isn't really set in stone, I may make some last minute changes.  But here is the plan nonetheless:

Friday-boys eat leftovers, girls and Dave and I eat out at the Food Truck Fest
Saturday-Chicken & Saimin Stir Fry
Sunday-Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits (this was planned for last week but we decided to have Peanut Butter Waffles instead)
Monday-Wonton Soup
Tuesday-Mexican Cobb Salad (this too was planned for last week but that day I had to go into town and wasn't home to make dinner . . .I made refried beans and rice and left them in the slow cooker and rice cooker respectively.  When it was time for dinner the fam had bean and cheese burritos without me.)
Wednesday-Crab Rangoons and noodles

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  1. Cocoa Rice! LOVE that stuff. There used to be a lady in my ward who was from Hawaii and she would make it all the time for ward parties, scout events and primary activities. It's great too because the ingredients store well in your food storage. Yummm. Could you PLEASE post the recipe? I know the ingredients, just not the proportions.



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