Friday, September 09, 2011


We've been living in this apartment for 6 weeks now. Though I still have a pile of papers and "stuff" on my desk, and a collection of framed photos and art leaning against the far wall, I no longer have any boxes in the house that are waiting to be unpacked.

The kids are in school, have started swim team, marching band, pep band, after school orchestra, achievement days and scouts.  They leave for school in the morning, come home in the afternoon, do their chores and homework, and have pretty much settled into a regular routine of friends and activities.

My routine too is slowly settling in.  I get out of bed, wake kids up, make their lunches, make sure they eat, get dressed and brush their hair and teeth before sending them on their way.  Once they are gone I tidy and clean and unpack and do whatever else needs to be done.  Usually it's cleaning on Mondays, paperwork and bills on Tuesday, Errands on Wednesday, Thursdays are for laundry and open for catching up or projects, and then on Friday it is cleaning again. When the kids get home it's snack time, homework time, dinner time and then bed time: a whirlwind of activity! Pretty much the same routine I've had for years.

There are a few things that are different though. We share a washer and dryer with the other two families in the house so I am trying to learn how to do laundry on Mondays and Thursdays only.  It is harder than I imagined. Stains have to be pre-treated differently, wet things must be completely dried before being thrown into the hamper, and we've all had to learn the hard way that if your shorts aren't in the hamper on Monday, Thursday is a long ways to wait.

We are also learning how to hand wash dishes. For all my complaining about my dishwasher over the years I really do miss it now. We've experimented with lots of different methods including scrub brushes, sponges, scrubbing puffs and dish rags. Lots of soap, a little soap, bleach, vinegar. Hot water, cold water, sinks full of water, buckets of water, straight from the tap water. Drying racks, drying by hand, drying on towels, drying in the oven. So much of our time is taken up washing things by hand that it has started to affect my menu planning.  If the meal requires a lot of dishes it's not going on the plan. 

 As you may remember we gave away, sold, donated or threw away 3/4 of our belongings. I am enjoying having less to clean and take care of but really think I could have gotten rid of more.  I already have several boxes and garbage bags full of items that will go out in a garage sale next month. We just don't have room for extra stuff. We are down to two bathrooms and three bedrooms (used to have 3 and 4, respectively), just under 1300 square feet (used to have almost 1900), a 225 square foot garage (used to have 700 square feet + a storage shed), and 600 square feet of deck space (used to have 1/3 acre yard).

It was nice two weeks ago when the dryer broke down that I didn't have to fix it. The apartment manager had to take care of it.  Earlier this week an electrician came to fix some lights and fans, and a plumber came to fix a clog in the tub.  I didn't have to lift a finger AND I didn't have to pay any of them! What a fabulous feeling that was.  

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  1. Please tell me that you are NOT using your dryer....with that tropical heat, you should be able to hang them on your lanai and have them dry in no time flat. It will take a bit to get used to, but I promise that you will NOT be sorry. Yes, I am on my soapbox. I still only use my dryer once a week for sheets. Everything else is always hung up, rain or shine. We have a lot of humidity too. I am so glad to hear that things have settled down to a quiet roar and that everyone is in their routine too. I miss you.


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