Friday, September 23, 2011

I Hate Exercise

I hate exercise.
I hate exercise.
I hate exercise.

I don't like running.  I don't like aerobics.  I don't like sit ups, push ups, or pull-ups. I don't think it is fun to go to exercise classes or to meet friends to go for a walk together. I don't want to wake up early to exercise.  I don't want to exercise before I go to bed.  I certainly don't want to exercise in the middle of the day. I hate exercise.

My sister has tried to get me into running.  My friends have tried to get me into classes.  Various people have suggested I might enjoy races. My doctor suggested I might feel more energetic and less prone to depressive bouts if I exercise. But I say "no!" and "I'd rather not." I'm fairly satisfied with my body.  Sure, I've got a few problem areas and, of course, I'd rather die than have a swim suit pic of myself on the blog, but who wouldn't feel that way?! And I'm fairly satisfied with my energy levels and mental state.  Who doesn't occasionally feel down or tired? I am perfectly fine without having to expose myself to needless sweating, panting and discomfort.

Or so I thought.

When I told Dave I wanted to learn how to surf he smiled and said, "That's great" but he wouldn't take me out to teach me. After I hassled him a bit--OK a lot--he admitted that he was worried about taking me out, claiming, "You're not strong enough." NOT STRONG ENOUGH?!  He was out there teaching Afton and Cora and he said I wasn't strong enough!? Insulting! But apparently the right thing to say because it made me determined to do it.  To prove him wrong.  I am strong enough.

Paddling out the first time the realization hit me like a 4 foot wave, I wasn't strong enough.  I paddled half way out and my arms turned to jello.  I sat for a bit on the board, chest heaving and tried again.  My arms stopped working.  Dave helped tow me out a bit so I could get a little taste of fun but really  . . . that's not fun, that's borderline humiliating.

I have made it a goal to surf by the end of the year but to do that I have to get strong enough.  I've been paddling out and sitting on my board but the paddling alone isn't cutting it.  By the time I get out to where I can sit for a while I'm too tired to catch a wave in. So, I guess I have to---UGH--- exercise to build up some strength and stamina.

Last Thursday I started working out with my new friend Jenny.  She recently moved here from Bountiful, Utah, she is a fitness buff, and (this is the most important part) she recently had knee surgery so she is really slow . . . JUST LIKE ME! We are using the training format of the gym she belonged to in Utah, GPPfitness, and I am tolerating it well (for the sake of surfing). My goal this first week was to participate.  I am proud to say that every day (except Sunday) I participated! That's more exercise than I've had in years. My goal this week is, again, to participate.  Once it becomes a habit then I'll start to set achievement goals or something like that but for right now I don't care. Right now my body isn't strong enough but my WILLPOWER IS!

Consequently, last Thursday before beginning exercising I took some body measurements and in this one measly week I have lost 1.5 inches around my waist and 2 inches around my hips. Wow, who would've guessed?

I still hate exercise!

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