Friday, September 02, 2011

Falling Behind

I have fallen behind this week.  I haven't kept up on my blog.  I haven't kept up on my unpacking. I haven't kept up on my cleaning or shopping or menu planning. I have a good reason . . . 

This week I have completed a 30 hour course to get my Hawaii State Substitute Certificate. It was an accelerated course that was completed in 6 days time. There was a lot of reading to do and a few small assignments and then of course the test. I passed. Now I just have to wait for the fingerprinting and background checks to be completed and I'll be a substitute teacher. Woo-hoo!

I have another reason for falling behind too: On Wednesday I woke up with a terrible kink in my back. It was bad.  It took some effort to roll out of bed, I couldn't turn my neck or even nod it. My arm hurt to move and I couldn't sit, stand or lay down to find any relief. Dave tried to rub it out for me.  He set ice packs on me and gave me strict instructions to alternate cold and hot packs while he was at work.  I took lots of ibuprofen.  Wednesday night, after getting home from my last class/final test I took a muscle relaxer (yes, I had a prescription mom). That knocked me out! I woke up Thursday at 11:30am. 

So here I am on Friday.  My test is done, my back is sore and I have quite a list to complete today. Or tomorrow.  Or maybe next week . . .

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