Wednesday, August 17, 2011


TMI means Too Much Information. If you don't want to know this, don't read it :) I really debated whether or not I should even post this but decided . . . this blog is my journal, it is a record of things that I think about, do, and experience.  It is for myself and my family and hopefully will contain information that will be useful in the future; this information may be useful for my daughters.  It may also be useful for you. With that being said I will continue.

I have alluded to some health issues over the past 6 months. These issues are not new ones and I have been treated for them for years but it was getting to the point that I had to take the next step in treatment.  Things weren't getting better.  One of those problems is my monthly cycle.  I have always had very bad cramping, heavy flow and long duration.  This has lead to other problems as well such as tiredness, fatigue, easy bruising, headaches, moodiness, etc. After years of dealing and watching things get progressively worse and having my doctor suggest I take surgical measures, I have decided to do just that. The first week of September I go in for a quick out-patient procedure, a uterine ablation.

In simplest terms during a uterine ablation the lining of the uterus is burned or cauterized. Within a month or so a scar will begin to form and this should lessen or completely stop the period. Pretty exciting stuff. Though the procedure itself is simple and the recovery is supposed to be super fast and easy, the prep is not. To prepare for the ablation I have to get three Lupron shots.  They are putting me into premature menopause.  This will thin out the lining of the uterus prematurely making the burning procedure quicker and more effective.  

I'm fine with the thining, I'm not fine with the other affects.  I thought I was tired and moody and bled too much before.  Now I've got all that and hot flashes! I just keep reminding myself that it's all in the pursuit of better health.  A year from now--heck, 6 months from now--I should feel like a whole new woman! I have spoken with several other women who had the procedure and they were very positive and reassuring and all said, "I knew I was tired and not myself before the surgery but now that I am better I realize just how bad it really was."

This is a conservative alternative to hysterectomy but it still has some very serious long term risks and side effects.  This is not a procedure that anyone should do just to get rid of their periods. For instance, I will not ever (in this life) be able to have more babies.  Though we decided years ago that I shouldn't have more children--a story for a different TMI post-- it is a whole different realm of emotions to confront the fact that I will not and can not have more children. 


  1. Don't worry about need to do whatever it takes to get better. Here is some TMI of my own. In 2006, I had finally decided that I needed to see a doctor to talk to him about my super heavy periods ALL the time. Well come to find out, I had a ton of fibrous tumors in my uterus, and if left alone...then I would bleed till the day I left this frail existence. I would never go into menopause. He gave me two choices: ablation and hysterectomy. I chose the hysterectomy, as I didn't want to have any chances for those fibroids to turn into something else. I opted to leave my ovaries as I didn't want to go on artificial hormones....but also decided to get my bladder fixed while he was in there fixing things. Long story, short....I have never missed for a hot second having periods and all the crap that goes with it. I have always wanted to have more children, but learned a long time ago, that I would have to be content with the ones that we have. I would be one of those people who get pregnant every three years....but it was not meant to be. I am not trying to downplay your emotions in anyway, shape, or form.....ask for a blessing and it will really help. If you want to talk to someone, I am here for you anytime. I miss you.

  2. I had this procedure done Oct 1st of last year and I couldn't be happier! (I didn't have to do the Lupron shots though, so I didn't have any of those side effects.) As for the ablation, the only side effects have been that I'm happier, no mood swings, no cramps, I don't have to deal with having a monthly period, etc. :-) You will love it!


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