Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Still Unpacking

I haven't found the silverware or the cups yet.  We are using the nice silver and paper cups along with our everyday plastic plates and bowls.

Finally found all the legs to the dining room table this morning. The movers broke off a piece.  It will be easy to fix but I've still got to fix it.

The bunk beds went up last night finally. I had to go buy new bolts to assemble it.  The movers seem to have put all the nuts and bolts and fasteners to everything in the same box.  I haven't found that box yet.

We bought our first new couch ever on Monday night.  Can you believe we've lived together seventeen years and have never had to purchase a couch for more than $35! We have always had hand-me-down couches.  Actually we have always had hand-me-down everything! 5 years ago we purchased our bedroom set for $1400 (included headboard, footboard, tall dresser, long dresser with large mirror, and two nightstands) and 3 years before that we purchased an office set for $350 (included a desk, file cabinet and 2 bookshelves). Those are pretty much the only new things we have ever purchased until now.We decided to purchase new rather than used because bed bugs are rampant on the island.  We did not want bed bugs!

I'll post pictures of the beautiful new couch (and the bedroom set and the desk set) once I get all situated and unpacked. Right now, however, I must head over to Ace Hardware (again) to pick up a new bike pedal for Kirkham's bike and then I'm heading over to the doctor's office for a check up.

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