Friday, August 26, 2011

Shark's Cove

For Cora's Birthday and Family Night on Monday night we went to Shark's Cove for our first time.  It was FANTASTIC! We had so much fun snorkeling around.  I really wish I had an underwater camera so I could show you all the cool fish we saw.  So many I don't know all their names.

These above water pictures will just have to suffice:

The birthday girl preparing for entry.  While snorkeling we usually hook a boogie board to the wrist of Cora.  This makes it easier to spot her, gives her something to hold on to if she is having a hard time floating and gives her something to grab other than us or her siblings if she is being towed around.

A rare photo of me! Dave was behind the Camera for most of the evening.  He took his turn snorkeling first.

Most of Shark's cove is fairly shallow.  This makes if quite warm and very safe to let the kids loose to explore.

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