Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Polynesian Cultural Center

We had a fantastic time at the Polynesian Cultural Center last Friday. For our first time we decided to take it slow and enjoy and we bought an annual pass so that we could go back and experience the rest at a later time.  I highly recommend the PCC and advise you to arrive as close to opening as possible.  It is a lot to see in one day.  The hours are noon-6 for the villages and their shows and activities.  The shops and restaurants  are open from 11:30-9pm.  The night show begins at 7pm and ends at 9 pm.  We were very tired by 6pm and opted to come back another time for the night show.  No outside food or drinks are allowed with the exception of a water bottle and small children's snacks.  The food prices are reasonable as are the souvenirs. Remember to bring your sunblock!   

At the Samoan Village show Heath was called up from the audience to try the coconut juice from the freshly shucked and opened coconut. This was a very entertaining show and we learned all about climbing coconut trees, shucking coconuts, opening coconuts and getting the meat out of the coconut.  We also learned how coconut milk is made and how it is used in cooking.  Because he was talking about cooking he, of course, also demonstrated how they make fire in samoa . . .  by rubbing two sticks together!

At the New Zealand village the girls learned how to spin the poi balls.  It takes a lot of coordination.

Everyone also got temporary tattoos.

We went back to Samoa to try our hand at making fire.  This took a lot of time but Heath was finally able to get some smoke.

We enjoyed some of the very delicious ice cream.  This bowl had two big scoops of refreshing tropical fruit sherbet and ice cream on top of a cold fresh fruit cocktail.  It was very delicious and was only $5.

The boys shared one of the ice creams and the girls shared the other one.  They ate these while we waited for the Canoe Parade to begin.

Everyone took turns climbing the coconut trees.  Afton got the furthest of all the kids.  (I didn't try it this time but I think I could get higher than that--maybe?!)

We learned some Fijian songs and some some Fijian dances at the village of Fiji.  See Afton and Cora up there?  Kirkham is up there too but made me promise not to post any pictures of him dancing.

We also learned how to play the bamboo stick like a Fijian. Kirkham really liked this part.

And we posed with some natives! These really are natives of Fiji but they don't usually dress like this.  They are students at BYU-Hawaii.  Dave works with these guys sometimes and it was fun to see them in costume.

At the Tahitian Village, I think it was Tahiti, we got in some fishing.  Didn't catch anything but spent a lot of time trying.  Heath was smiling and happy all day until he spotted my camera and then he would put on his GQ serious face? He was having a great time despite the face.

I think it was in Tahiti that we learned how throw spears and somewhere along the way we also acquired more tattoos too.

At the end of the day we took a nice canoe ride.  Our paddler and tour guide recapped our visit to each of the islands with a little more information about each one.

We saw some very interesting and odd birds that I hadn't seen before.  These were all over the place.

There were also some interesting plants we hadn't seen before.  I especially like this palm tree that fans out.

And one last interesting bird.  Don't know what he is either but the kids really enjoyed watching him and all the other birds there at the PCC.
We had a fantastic day and can't wait to get back to see the rest of the villages that we missed and so go to the nightshow and Luau.

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  1. Hi Dani....I have never been to the PCC BUT I have been to Fiji. It was back in 1987 when I was in the Navy. Truly a place that is so beautiful and serene. I happened to meet the very first female missionary from Fiji. She was at an open air market, and was humming "Carry On" from the hymn book. I stopped when I recognized that song, and she said, "I thought you were a Mormon. I could just tell". How cool was that. Anyway.....I hope to someday bring Dave with me as I return to Suva, Fiji. If you and your Dave get a chance, GO! Glad you had fun at the PCC. Miss you.


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