Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New To-Do List

I got rid of a lot of stuff before moving but I still have too much.  I keep finding things and wondering, "why in the world did I bring this?" I have way too many blankets and shoes.  I found a box of winter clothes I thought I'd given away.  I have more books than shelves.  The girls found a boxfull of sweaters and sweatshirts and jeans. I have a few boxes of things that will be going to DI or Goodwill this week. However, the things that I do need and will keep have mostly found a place in our new home. At least they all have an intended place.  I need to install some shelving, buy some more storage containers and move things into cupboards, and hang pictures.

Only two things, from the whole move, were broken beyond repair.  The first is a framed comic that Dave had hanging in our bedroom (on his side next to his dresser).  The comic itself is fine but the picture frame and glass were destroyed. Darn. The second item is our printer.  I can't really say that the movers did it because there is no physical damage to the machine but it just won't work right anymore.  We've had it for 9 years, I suppose it has served it's $50 worth.

The more I unpack and settle in, the longer my to do list is getting.  Besides the final unpacking and the decorating and repair/replacing, I have found that many of the clothes I thought would work here in Hawaii are not.  I must alter them.  The cute swimsuit I bought myself with a halter tie really hurts my neck--I need to turn the ties into straps.  The hem of the GAP denim capri's I bought on clearance over the winter is coming out and really doesn't hit my leg at a flattering spot--they need to be shortened and re-hemmed. I love to wear pajama pants and t-shirts to sleep in but it just gets too hot here.  I will be chopping my favorite PJ pants and making them into shorts. I will be completing similar projects for my kids wardrobes as well.  Lots of fine tuning. While I'm at the sewing machine I'm also going to make some curtains, bathmats and shower curtains and maybe a throw pillow or two.

I still haven't found a dresser or a bed frame for the boys.  Their mattresses are on the floor and their clothes are either hanging in the closet or folded in large rubbermaid bins.  This seems to suit them fine but it is driving me crazy. What I want for them is fairly simple but I haven't found anything like it anywhere, so, I guess that means I'll be making it myself.  I want a platform bed with drawers in the bottom, at least three, that is on casters.  I want two of these. The boys can use the drawers for their clothes and keep the beds rolled up against their walls.  When grandma and grandpa come to visit we can roll the beds together to make a king size bed. The design is pretty basic, I think I can do it.

My to do list:
  • Install hooks in garage for fishing poles, backpacks, and bikes
  • Install shelving in garage to hold Rubbermaid containers (up near the ceiling)
  • Install new towel racks in bathrooms
  • Need new shower curtain and bath mats
  • Unclog bathroom drain
  • Install new faucet in kitchen sink 
  • Put up pot rack in the kitchen
  • Put up spice rack in the kitchen
  • Put up magnetic knife rack in kitchen
  • Need two stools for the kitchen bar
  • Install 4 shelves in the front closet (currently empty with no rod, shelves or doors)
  • Install rod and shelf in girls room closet
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs in girls room, bathrooms, front room, hallway, and front lanai (5 across length of lanai)
  • Hang photos and artwork
  • New Frame for Dave's comic
  • New Printer
  • Repairs and alterations on clothes
  • Make beds for boys
  • Make a long wooden planter box for front lanai herb garden
It's nice to not have a firm deadline this time.


  1. I love how detailed your lists are. They inspire me so much. If I know you like I think I know you, then your list will not take very long for you to cross them off one by one. I need pictures of your new place. It is hard for me to visualize everything without them. Puhleeze!

  2. Thank you Andrea. My goal is to have it done before I start substituting at the elementary school in September . . . I think I can do that. As for pictures, I will post them when the house is presentable :) hopefully by September.


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