Friday, August 19, 2011

The New Place--Empty

Years ago we moved into a rental and it was in terrible condition.  There were grease marks and finger prints on the walls the carpets were dirty and there were lots of other things wrong with the place.  I was fine with cleaning them up myself and did but when we moved out we were CHARGED for many of the little problems that we were never able to fix.  I didn't have pictures to prove that those things were there before I moved in and so I learned to always take pictures before moving into a new place. I have done this for each house we move into and each house I've moved out of: proof of how I found it and how I left it.

These are some of the pics of the new place BEFORE we moved in. I have a lot of detailed pics of tiles that are broken, rust and lime spots on sinks and refrigerator, dirty walls and counters and cupboards but I have spared you that minutia.
The front room.  Lots of outlets and light switches all over the place.  Only about half of them work.  This is a nice size room and is the main living area.

The kitchen (sorry about the skewed pic).  The island is not secured to the floor so I have adjusted it's location a bit to better suit my needs. There is plenty of storage room in this kitchen for my pared down (relatively speaking of course) ensemble of kitchen supplies.  Notice there is NO DISHWASHER.  Boo hoo.  


More masterbedroom.  This is the closet--no doors or curtains or anything but I'm not complaining because I love that HUGE shelf on top for extra storage.

Girls Bedroom.

Boys Bedroom.  If you are thinking that door at the end of the room looks familiar--like the one in the girls room--you are right.  Their rooms are actually one room separated by a partition wall (in the right of the pic).  Suprisingly we have had no complaints about it. 

Hard to get a good pic of this little bathroom.  This is the boys bathroom. Next door is the girls bathroom.  No master bathroom--both of these bathrooms are in the hall side by side.  Kinda odd but nice to have two!

I wasn't going  to put in any detail pics but here is one I'm throwing in just so you get the general idea of what this place is like.  Again, I am not complaining because I know that this is a VERY nice place in comparison to other houses around here.  Of all the places Dave looked at in our price range this is by far the nicest and in the best location.  I am very thankful for this place.

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