Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday CORA!

Good Morning Birthday Girl!
My baby is 8 today.  I suppose I should be feeling very old today but I'm not. At least not like I was the day my biggest baby, I mean oldest son, turned eight. I had a really hard time with that one.  Not so much this time around though.

Eight is a special birthday for Cora for a lot of reasons. For the first time ever she gets to celebrate her birthday at school.  She has always wanted cupcakes brought to school for her. At her new school, however, they have strict "healthy food" guidelines and cupcakes are not allowed.  We did some brainstorming and came up with a (somewhat) healthy alternative: peanut butter popcorn balls. I made them after she went to bed and Dave came up with the super cute idea of putting faces on them.  Cora woke up to find 25 smiling peanut butter buddies resting on the dining room table, wishing her a happy birthday. She was thrilled.  I will deliver them to school this afternoon.
A peanut butter buddy.  1--Wrap the popcorn in plastic wrap (Stretchtite from Costco is my favorite brand). 2--Using a permanent marker draw a simple face on the ball. 3--cut out a heart shape from some thick paper (I used a manila envelope because it was what I had and Cora likes orange.) The top of the heart, upside down, become the feet.  Write a note if desired 4--place a square of padded double sided tape on the pointy end of the heart and plunk the popcorn ball down on top of the tape.

Another reason this is a special birthday is because Cora will now be able to attend achievement days.  Achievement days is a program for girls ages 8-12 offered at church.  It is similar to cub scouts but girl friendly.  She has been so excited to accompany her sister.

Now that she is eight she will get her first set of nice leather bound scriptures too.  After school today we will walk down to the distribution center so she can pick out the color she wants.  She is beside herself and can't wait for school to be out.

Eight years old also means that she is now old enough to be baptized.  She has planned her baptism for this Saturday, 9am at the Kahuku chapel.  She asked her dad to baptize her, Heath and I to give talks and Afton and Kirkham to give prayers.  She plans to wear the same white dress that I wore when I was baptized.


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