Monday, August 08, 2011

A Few Complaints

Plenty of people warned me about the lizards, ants and cockroaches.  I was advised about the heat and the humidity and the rain and the UV index.  I was cautioned about the high prices and the possible poor living conditions. I was informed I would be living on an island miles and miles away from everything that I had previously known and loved and that I would be stuck. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me but nobody told me my feet would hurt, my hair would be frizzy and fall out, my face would break out and require new kinds of make up and that I would be so darned tired!

I think 6 weeks of slippers (flip-flops) and tile floors is catching up to my poor dogs. The arches are fine, my toes are good, even my heels are ok (though beginning to get quite calloused--think I need a ped egg).  It's the muscles across the top of my foot that are aching.  I've soaked them and taken ibuprofen and massaged them but they still hurt.  I'm hoping in a few more weeks they'll be used to their new conditions because it's just too hot to wear tennis shoes.  Most likely I just need a good set of slippers.  The Old Navy sets I've got just don't have much cushioning.

My hair isn't falling out in big bunches--I'm not going bald--but it is everywhere.  I am shedding.  Maybe it's the heat? My brush is full of hair and so is my bathroom shower, sink and floor.  I am constantly cleaning it up and it is never gone.  As if that wasn't bad enough the humidity is really doing a number on my locks as well.  No matter how much gunk I apply or straightening I attempt it does whatever it pleases.  It doesn't look terrible (usually) it just is different than what I've had before.  I've discovered my best results come from putting it into a ponytail, braid or bun and certain product lines (like Fructis and Dove) work best to remove at least some of the frizz.

My generally clear complexion is taking a hit from the sweaty heat and humidity.  I am hoping it is just a transitional thing until my skin gets used to the difference.  I have to be much more vigilant about facial cleansers and such.  I had to change makeup too.  I used to use a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone but it sweats off here.  I have changed to a mineral powder.

At first I knew I was tired because of the whirlwind of craziness preceding the flight over but it hasn't completely worn off yet.  I'm not sure if it is the heat and humidity (which don't really seem that bad--I've acclimated to that pretty well) that is making me so fatigued or if it is the unpacking or if it is the uncertainty of a new place.  Whatever it is I just don't get as much done in a day as I'm used to accomplishing and it's a bit frustrating. In the meantime I'm trying to remember to drink plenty of fluids and take my vitamins. I'm thinking about exercising regularly (I know I should I just don't want to). And I also went to the doc last week and have some plans in place to take care of some long standing health issues that I've been ignoring for far too long.

All these things require a little time and patience with myself and my surroundings.  Though sometimes I feel miserable I'm still glad I'm here.  Nothing beats going to sleep with a warm ocean breeze blowing across me and waking up to the songs of tropical birds and smells of the Plumeria. Just another day in Paradise.

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