Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping List and Menu, 7/13/2011

OK, here goes nothing.  I have been here for two weeks and I have spent a few hundred dollars filling my shelves with basics like flour and rice and pinto beans and baking powder and oil and chocolate chips, and . . . you get the idea.  Now comes the fun part.  I will attempt to stick to a $70 grocery budget here in Hawaii! Perhaps "fun" isn't the right word.  Perhaps I should say the challenging, or ridiculous, or hilarious, or naive or impossible part.

 I really don't think I'll be able to do it, stay within my previous budget, for several reasons.  First, the prices are higher here.  Second, there are fewer coupons available here.  And third, the coupons hardly ever can be matched to sales items. But just because I don't think I can do it doesn't mean I won't try.  I've done much harder and more nearly impossible things in my life. Here's this week's shopping list and menu.

10 Chicken of the Sea Tuna, 5oz, .69 ea= $6.90
1 head cabbage .59/lb = $1.80
1 pork butt roast $1.69/lb= $5.80
4# bananas .89/lb = $2.80
1 tomato, $1.59/lb = .50
Tyson Chicken Thighs, 5 lb = $4.99
panko =.89
rice noodles = $1.50
Estimated Total = $28

2 Gallon Milk = $9.38
1 pineapple .39/lb = $2
1# red cherries = $2.99
3# top sirloin steak = $12
All laundry detergent, 50 oz = $4.99
Estimated Total= $31

Laie Country Store and Cackle fresh egg outlet
30 mainland eggs $4.79
misc local fresh produce $6
Estimated total $11

Estimated grand total $70
I have no idea if this will last the week or not.  I'll update you on how much more I have to buy as the week progresses.

Wednesday--Saimin and Stir Fry vegetables
Thursday--Lemon Chicken on rice noodle nest
Friday--Pizza night: Cheese Pizza, Chicken Pizza
Saturday--hot rice handrolls (bought the nori last week)
Sunday--Pancakes and Eggs
Monday--BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Coleslaw, Rice pilaf
Tuesday--Chicken Quesadillas

END NOTE: Just got back from the store and had to make some changes while there.  At Foodland they were out of All (I've got plenty for now anyways) and they were out of the steak. The price of milk went up to $4.99 per gallon. I noticed that Yoplait yogurt, in the 1 pound container was on unadvertised sale for $2.99 ea so I purchased two.  I bought an extra pound of cherries.  My total was $25.70 at Foodland.

At Tamura's they were all out of butt roast (thank goodness I got one last week at Foodland when they were $1.69 there) and panko.  I grabbed some wasabi and some imitation crab for my sushi and purchased bijon instead of rice noodles (still a kind of rice noodle I think).  I also bought some rotini, elbow macaroni and mostacioli because it was on sale for the cheapest I've seen it here so far, $1.49/lb. My tamura's total was $28.98

I spent $12 at the Laie Country store.  Bought some apple-bananas for .89/lb--love these little 'nanners. Also bought some local garlic, long beans and a lime. My grand total today was $66.70. I came in under budget!!! Now, Let's hope I have enough food.

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