Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shopping and Menu 7/28/2011

Last week I had to go into town to register myself for my Hawaii Substitute Teacher Certification Class.  While I was there I stopped in at the Aloha Bowl Swap meet, Costco and WalMart to do some window shopping/grocery shopping/stocking up.  I spent way more than $70.  In my defense, however, I did purchase school supplies (such a bummer I couldn't bring the school supply stash that I had amassed over the past many years.  I hope my friends on the mainland are putting all the stuff I gave them to good use!) and I got some more pantry necessities (like maple syrup, vinegar, laundry detergent, hairspray, etc.)

On Monday, August 1st, my kids will be going back to school so this weeks shopping list needs to include school lunch friendly items, easy breakfast foods and good nutritious dinner ingredients.

Daily breakfast options: cold cereal and milk, hard boiled egg and toast, yogurt cup and homemade granola, or fruit cup and granola.

Daily lunch menu: capri sun juice pouch, carrot sticks, piece of fruit, 2 homemade cookies, and a sandwich.  Sandwiches options include: peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and banana, tuna fish, ham, or cheese.

I'm obviously not getting very creative.

Dinner Menu:
Wednesday: Papaya Chicken, rice, salad
Thursday: Pizza Night
Friday (moving day): taco bell or mcdonalds--yes we have both here!
Saturday (moving day): macaroni and cheese
Sunday: breakfast for dinner-crepes
Monday: I have a large breadfruit I will use tonight but I don't know exactly how I'll use it yet.
Tuesday: taco tuesday-bean and cheese burritos, spanish rice, mexi-cabbage salad

Shopping List
1 gallon milk $4.99
2 half gallons of POG $1.09 each
capri sun $1.99/box
bananas .89/lb
pinneapple .39/lb
cheddar cheese
Peanut Butter
eggs $4 for 30

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  1. I noticed your milk prices....almost makes ya want to go sneak out and find a cow to milk. Sheesh. I complain when it gets over $2 bucks a gallon. Have you considered adding powdered milk to stretch your fresh milk? And tell me....why oh why are bananas .89 cents a pound? You live in the tropics for pete's sake. I was at Wal Mart yesterday and happily bought bananas for .59 cents a pound. Happy day.
    Next time I come....I will sneak a gallon of milk in my luggage...ha ha ha


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