Friday, July 15, 2011

Substitute Teaching in Hawaii

Today I am working on a resume and preparing for a job interview.  The last resume I wrote was in my Freshman English class at BYU seventeen years ago. The last job interview I had was in 1991.  I was 16 and wanted to work at a clothing store in the mall. I didn't get the job. The jobs I did have never required a degree, a resume or an interview. I knew most of my bosses (my dad, my boyfriend's dad, a friend).

I haven't worked a regular job (outside the home) in fifteen years -- since Heath was born. I have had my own sewing business since I was 17.  I sold Pampered Chef products for about a year around the time Afton was born.  I have done odd jobs like cleaning houses, redecorating my dad's offices, bulk mailings for my dad's real estate agents and babysitting. I've done lots of volunteer work in the schools and community and at church.  I have been really busy but I haven't technically been working.

I don't really relish the thought of going back to work either.  My first priority is taking care of my family and being home when my kids are home.  I'm a one track mind kind of person and worry that family life will suffer because of my job or that my job will suffer because of my family life. I'm not very good at balancing those kind of things.

Yet, it is imperative that I go through this process.  The cost of living here is so high and Dave's pay is modest.  I'm pretty good at making money stretch but I'm not a miracle worker--- I am a hard worker however-- and I am willing to work to cover the basics.

I am applying for a job as a substitute teacher. As a substitute I will be able to choose my days and be home when the kids are home. If the kids need me during the day I will be there at school with them. I won't have to do lesson plans and I won't have to correct papers. I won't have to bring any work home with me. I should be able to balance that.

In the State of Hawaii a person with a college degree but without a teaching certificate can be a substitute if they take a 30 hour substitute training course. Before taking the course the person must be interviewed by a school official and have a recommendation note signed by that official to be admitted to the class. There are a lot of hoops to jump through.  Most are regular job hunting basics but I'm just not used to it all. Here are the steps that must be taken:

  1. get a TB skin test, must test negative or be treated with INH
  2. get a copy of official college transcripts
  3. create a resume
  4. interview with school official
  5. take 30 hour course offered at most of the island Adult Schools (depending on class schedule this takes anywhere from 2 weeks-2 months)
  6. Get fingerprinted and "processed" by the district (this takes about 6 weeks!)
If all goes well I may be able to substitute by November.

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