Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Recycling for Money in Hawaii

Have you ever noticed the HI-5 on the side of your soda container? That's more than a friendly gesture.  In Hawaii that is a way to make money!  Hawaii has an extensive recycling program with over 40 conveniently located for-cash recycling centers located throughout the islands. You can take your clean, pre-sorted, topless (te-he-he) bottles and cans and glass in to get cash.

In all honesty, if you are recycling your own bottles and cans you are only getting your money back.  Every purchase of a bottled beverage and some other items have a deposit fee of 6 cents per piece  .  When you return your items to the recycling center you get 5 cents back per item. The state pays the recycling center the other penny as part of a processing fee.

Not a lot of people want to hassle with the recycling though and this is where you can MAKE some money.  Ask friends and neighbors if they would mind you recycling their items. Some will save their items for you and others will give you permission to take the stuff from their recycle bin.  Either way this is a great job for kids to make a little spending money.

As of this date (7/18/2011) the redemption prices are as follows:

Aluminum …...…....(32*) $ 1.60 /lb.
Glass …………....…..(2.4*) $ 0.12 /lb.
Plastic (Mixed) …....(18.8*) $ 0.94 /lb.
(Small) (17 oz. or less) ….. (26.3*) $ 1.315 /lb.
Steel/Bi-metal…(5.9*) $ 0.295 /lb.

*Units per lb.
(Each container has a deposit value of 5 cents)

Non-Deposit Aluminum
Spam/V.Sausage/Foil $ 0.05 /lb.

For up to date prices and locations of redemption centers check out the ReynoldsRecycling.com website.

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