Monday, July 04, 2011

Our First Few Days in Hawaii

"I can't believe I am actually here." I keep saying it. All that waiting and working and enduring and now I am here.

We have had a very low key introduction to the island this week.  On Wednesday we followed our plans as posted.  On Thursday we slept in.  I mean the kids and I slept in and Dave went to work.  When we woke up we poked through a few boxes, got to know our new temporary house, and unpacked some of our suitcases. At lunch Dave came home from work and then dropped us off at Temple Beach just a few blocks from his office.  The kids and I spent a low key afternoon there swimming and playing and sunbathing. After dinner that night we went to the beach again, this time Turtle Bay, so Dave could teach Heath how to surf.  Heath got up and is hooked.

On Friday we did some more unpacking.  We needed sheets and towels and a few first aid items as well as my KitchenAid.  I HAD to make some bread for a pot luck that we had been invited to that night. For lunch we met some visiting Lakewood friends, the Tomlinson clan, at the Kahuku Grill.  The Grill has the best hamburgers I have ever had.

Saturday we slept in and then headed out to the beach.  Sunset Beach on the North Shore.  It was fabulous! I love that beach.  We snorkeled and played and surfed and got completely worn out and sunburned.  The Hawaii sun is so strong.  We put on so much sunscreen but apparently our very white, hardly seen the light of day, skin just can't take it here.

Saturday night Dave and I went out on a date.  We set up the TV, found the Wii and said Aloha to the kids for a few hours.  He took me to the Windward Mall in Kaneohe.  It was a beautiful drive down there.  I am living in such a beautiful place, I enjoyed the drive immensely. We shopped for birthday gifts for the kids and got ourselves a taste of Poki Sushi and then washed it down with a treat from the Ben and Jerry's scoop shop. It was a nice night.

Sunday we attended church together for the first time in 8 weeks.  The ward is friendly and the meetings were enjoyable.  The kids all came home happy that they had met kids they could be friends with.  They are making plans for playdates later this week.

Today we will head out to the beach to meet the Tomlinson clan again.  This time we will play at the beach, barbecue and enjoy the fireworks together.  Happy 4th of July!

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  1. It sounds like it's turning out to be everything you hoped it would be, and I'm so happy that you're happy! Please say aloha to my kids and give each other a hug from me. I miss you all!


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