Monday, July 18, 2011

Hawaiian Container Garden: My first pot

One of the ways I intend to cut down my grocery bill here in Hawaii is to plant a garden. I have had various incarnations of gardens throughout the years but most of my experience has been in Washington and California (a little bit in Utah). So, coming to Hawaii I knew I was in for a big change.

Hawaii is in the tropics and so the growing seasons are quite a bit different than they are "back home".  Also different are the watering, light and soil conditions. I knew I had a lot to learn so the first books I have checked out from the library are on gardening in Hawaii.  I've been really surprised at how few books are available for gardening in Hawaii, especially fruit and vegetable gardening.  Perhaps someday I'll write a book :).

My second week here in the State and on my second trip to Costco I picked up my first pot for my container garden. We will be living in a four plex on the second floor.  There is a little bit of yard but there are two houses, 4 families and 10 students living on the property.  I think I'd rather keep my gardening on my own back porch for safety's sake. The pot I purchased is a large resin one.  Since we haven't moved into our place yet (yes, still in temporary housing until the 30th) I wanted to make sure the pot was light enough to transport without cracking. Costco is a great place to find these big resin pots, I think I paid $14.

I paid another $12 at Walmart for 2 cubic feet of Miracle Grow potting soil and $4 on four plants.  I purchased a tomato plant, a straightneck yellow summer squash plant, a clump of green onions and a strawberry plant.  I bought them the smallest size possible to keep my costs down and because I only had one pot and figured I'd just transplant into two or three pots once we moved into the four-plex.

I planted everything one week ago and I put a pineapple that I had sprouted in the pot too--again, figuring I'd transplant that out in a few weeks when everything got too big for the pot.  This is my pot today:
Everything is HUGE! It grew so much faster than I had anticipated. There was so much space between everything when I planted it I thought for sure I would have a month before I'd have to transplant.  Now I'm worried I may have to transplant them before the big move. Yikes!  I've even got one ripe strawberry already.

No wonder there aren't any books on gardening in Hawaii.  It's so easy that reading is a waste of time!

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  1. Dani...that is one of the things that I love about you. You truly BLOOM where you are planted. I miss you tons.


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