Tuesday, July 05, 2011

First Week in Pictures

Surrounded by boogie boards, snorkel gear and lots and lots of sand I perched myself atop a surf board and bundled up a towel behind my head and spent the day relaxing.

Heath and Dave paddling out to surf Turtle Bay.

Cora and Kirkham running, jumping and exploring the sea life along the volcanic rock at Turtle Bay.

Watching the line-up from the cliff at Turtle Bay.

Afton and Cora.

A few of our finds along the way.  Take only pictures!

Surfing into the sunset at Turtle Bay

These beautiful little flowers are everywhere.  I am anxious to find out what they are called.

Not everything is fun and games (though I must admit the crew is playing a card game in this pic).  Here the kids are relaxing in the front room of our partially furnished temporary house.  We are not unpacking these boxes because in a few weeks we will move again.

The kitchen/ laundry room of the temporary house.  Yes, I dug through and found my KitchenAid!

Hibiscus are everywhere here.  Such beautiful flowers.

The view from our (temporary) driveway.  We are just a few houses from the highway and just across the highway is Hauula Beach park.  A favorite hangout of hobos because it has big trees for shade, bathrooms that never close, showers that are free and it is right on the bus line. We will not play on this beach but it is nice to look at!

This little bird has a beautiful song.  Again, I am anxious to find out it's name. 

Papayas grow on trees!

The girls and Hannah Tomlinson hang out in front of the Kahuku Sugar Mill Grill. So nice to see friends.

Kirkham, Daniel and Katelyn (of the Tomlinson clan) and Heath hanging out while waiting for their burgers. Thanks for coming to visit us Tomlinson family!

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  1. i've been so anxious to see pictures of your new adventures! what a gorgeous place to be. SO excited for your family!!!


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