Thursday, June 02, 2011

RIP Baby Parakeet

Thursday was a very sad day for Cora and Afton.  Their beloved Parakeet "Baby" passed away.  The girls saved their money for months--from August through December--and pooled their earnings to purchase their very own parakeet. They loved to play with her, talk to her and just hang out with her on their shoulder. Baby especially liked to hide inside pockets and sleeves. At the funeral, held in our backyard, all in attendance agreed that Baby was a very good bird. Baby is buried next to one of Kirkham's passed parakeets, Buddy.

At one point in time the girls were debating the gender of the bird and decided she might be a he (You can generally figure gender by the color of flesh above the beak: pinkish is girl and purple/blueish is boy.  Yes, really.). During that time they renamed Baby to be Justin, named after Justin Bieber who sings the song "Baby, baby, baby".  However, the name didn't stick for long.  Baby was a more fitting name for this beautiful little young bird. We will miss her beautiful song and gentle nature and hope that she is enjoying flying free in heaven.

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