Thursday, June 02, 2011

Temporary Housing

My mom is calling me a Gypsy. For the past week my home has been a 29 ft by 8 ft box on wheels. Yep, you guessed it: we are in the RV now and will remain in it for the duration of our stay here in Washington. Last summer we lived in this thing for 28 days. This spring we will be in it for about 35.

The first couple weeks will be spent in a friend's driveway.  They have kindly offered us water and electrical hookups as well as a level parking pad and unrestricted use of their home, yard and trampoline. We will stay there until Heath is out of early morning seminary and the majority of the work on my house (prepping for the renters) is completed. The remainder of our days will be spent parked at my parent's home.

Kirkham and Heath have taken over the over-cab bunk. It has been labeled "the man cave" by the boys. I call it the upstairs. Everything they need is within that 5 ft x 8 ft x 3 ft enclosure, including privacy and ventilation. The girls have taken over the back master suite.  They are sharing the full size bed with each other and the ample closet storage (and floor space) with me. Their room is large coming in at about 8 ft x 8 ft. I can close them in there to play or read or I can close myself in there to take a nap.

We have a nice table and couch and some cupboards in the main room of the RV and have an open concept kitchen (LOL) that includes a microwave, stove, oven, double sink, cutting board, refrigerator and more storage cupboards and drawers.  There is plenty of room for food, dishes and lots of paper plates and napkins.

The bathroom facilities include a toilet, sink, counter, storage cupboards and a full size (again LOL) shower. We limit our use of these facilities so as not to have to maintain them--I hate emptying the tanks. The shower is used as a storage area with a bin for shoes, a laundry hamper and a waste basket. The door of the bathroom opens across the hallway to the back room and snaps open against the shower to create a changing room of sorts or just a bigger bathroom  or master suite area.

The next few weeks won't beat last summer's RV adventure but it is a leg of a far greater journey on the road to Hawaii. Can't wait to get THERE!

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