Monday, June 13, 2011

Phase 3

Phase One was getting the house packed and all the stuff out. As part of this phase I had to get rid of everything that wasn't going to be taken to Hawaii.  I think we reduced our posessions by 75%.  We garage saled, Craigslisted, Ebayed, Traded-in for cash. I also gave away a lot of stuff to family, friends, neighbors, and my favorite Charities.  When all was said and done I made three trips to the dump throwing away and recycling nearly 2000 pounds of stuff. I made $25 recycling scrap metals found around the house.

Phase Two was getting the house cleaned up and ready for my renter. Once the movers drove off the fixing and cleaning began.  The goal was to get the house in good enough condition that I wouldn't have to worry about anything breaking while I was gone, making life much easier on myself trying to manage my property from 3000 miles away. With the help of my brother-in-law, his wife, and many friends we fixed my broken garage door, installed a new front door, painted, refinished hardwood floors, installed new vinyl in the kitchen, installed a new faucet in the kitchen and the bathroom, fixed cupboard doors and little holes in the walls, unclogged drains, fixed broken blinds and installed new blinds, replaced the broken wheel in my dishwasher, cleaned carpets, cleaned draperies, put a new roof on the shed, weeded garden beds and pretty much got my house into the best condition it has been in since I've purchased it.

Now that that is done I can breath a big sigh of relief.  It is time to move on to Phase Three: Tying up loose ends. I still haven't sold my Suburban or my boat.  Both vehicles need some attention before they can be sold.  The car must be thoroughly cleaned and shined.  The boat needs some work on the back carpeting and seats and a thorough cleaning. I also have a few more items floating around that I need to sell.  I have a large box of books to take to Half Price books.  I've still got my violins and some motorcycle gear to be put on Craigslist. I've also got my washer and dryer that I haven't gotten around to placing on Craigslist. Though I said I am done with the house in reality I have about 3 more hours of work to do that can't be done until Wednesday. I've also got a few errands to run and bills to pay.  I'm almost done.

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