Friday, June 10, 2011

A new Home for Moe

I have had to do a lot of hard things preparing for this move. One of the hardest was making my kids give away their pets.

Finding a home for Moe, our black Labrador, proved to be an exceedingly difficult job. I had a lot of phone calls and emails about him, I even had quite a few people come and look at him but once they realized how big he was everyone shied away. Four times I thought for sure I had a home for him.  Three times I got last minute phone calls cancelling the deal.

I must admit I also shied away from introducing him to a few people that wanted him but just didn't seem quite right for him. I thought he should be in a home with kids or another dog. He is used to being both indoors and outdoors and I wanted him to be able to continue that. I had one inquirer ask if Moe barks a lot when on a chain.  Moe has never been tied up on anything other than a leash; I nearly hung up on the woman.

You may recall that Moe and I have a love-hate relationship. He loves me and I hate him.He barks at night, he sheds a lot, he eats too much.  He used to dig and he destroyed my lawn, ate one of my fruit trees, obliterated shrubs and flowers, and stole strawberries and pumpkins from my garden. He tugs hard when on a leash and he likes to take himself for walks whenever he can escape our fully fenced yard. He tried to eat our parakeet and our chickens--unsuccessfully.  They lived to tell!-- and he has killed a few crow--not such a bad trait after all. I am the only person in the family that he will obey 95% of the time. I taught him all his tricks. He comes to me for attention and treats.

At the end of May I was at my whits end.  We had moved from the house days before and had to leave Moe in the back yard by himself. I was desperate to find him a home and was ready to lower my standards for placement.  That was when Tawnya called me. She read about Moe on an email circulated at her work.  She came over that night.  Of all the people to take a look at Moe she was the first one to inspect him and run him through a few commands. She was the first to spend some time petting him and rubbing his back and ears. These were good signs.  She didn't have any kids in the home anymore and she didn't own any other dogs (though her parents are living with her and own a Jack Russel) but she seemed perfect.  AND she wanted him that night!

I offered to bring Moe and his stuff to her house that evening.  I wanted to give the kids a chance to see where he was going and to feel comfortable with the exchange. It was a nice place with a fully fenced yard and lots of grass and not many shrubs or flowers.  The boys set up the dog house and set out the food dishes and handed over the basket of toys and leashes.  The girls played with the Jack Russell and Moe.  I visited with Tawnya and her father.

Everything felt good there.  The kids were satisfied that Moe would be happy and well cared for.  We took a picture and said our goodbyes.  As we walked out the front door Moe followed us and watched us trudge down the walkway. I turned to take one more picture of him staring at us through the screendoor but just as I snapped the shot his terrier buddy barked to him and he ran off into the back of the house.  That made the kids very happy.

The kids last picture with Moe and his new owner. 

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