Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Day in Washington

I feel a tiny bit guilty for not blogging consistently over the past week or so but I think you understand. I have been quite busy wrapping up loose ends before I leave town on Wednesday morning.  This past weekend was the funeral and burial for my sweet niece Ella.  Then on Sunday the blessing of little baby Louie.  Both events were of course surrounded by wonderful family gatherings and meals and activities. I also gave a talk at church on Sunday in my ward (not the same ward the baby was blessed in). It is very hard leaving so many people that I love.

I still have a few items left on my to do list before I leave. I will be busy right up to the last minute. I still have not completed the repairs and sale of the family boat and hope to have the repairs done today.  My dad will end up having to sell it for me. Today I will also be cleaning out and returning the RV, finishing up laundry and packing. I also have three phone calls to make and a couple errands to run. The goal is to accomplish all of this by 4:30pm so I can enjoy a nice relaxing last evening--that is on the to-do list.

We will be having dinner at Red Robin tonight. For at least 7 years we have had the tradition of going out to dinner at Red Robin on the last day of school. Sometimes we go with friends and sometimes just as a family. Since I pulled the kids out of school early and Dave wasn't here and our schedule was pretty booked I put off the meal thinking we would do it when we got to Hawaii.  However, I found out last week there are no Red Robin's in Hawaii!! I convinced the family to come with us.  I think it will be a fun and a good substitute for our traditional meal.

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