Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Repairs

My phone camera is screwed up and this is a mirror image of my kitchen as the new flooring is going in over the prepped subfloor.

I did this floor all by myself. I was dog tired when I finished and yes, I took a little nap on it.

This is Heath's very first roof job ever.  He did a pretty good job considering.  He removed the old roof, repaired rotted  wood, put down new underlayment, replaced the flashing around the edges and laid and secured the composite shingles.  This project helped him to finish up his Family Life Merit Badge.
This was the broken part on the dishwasher.  Had to track down a hex driver to complete this task.  The part (the wheel set) cost $9! and I got it at wholesale cost.  That is pretty pricey if you ask me.

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