Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday MOM!

I have the best mom in the world.  She is sweet and kind and loving and generous and compassionate and hard working.  She loves gardening and movies and service and cooking yummy food. She freely admits her inadequacy at math and spelling but is a brilliant artist and has a knack for trivia and historical facts.

I am sad that she is not home for her birthday today but glad that she was able to stay with my sister and help her out for a few weeks. She will likely be worn out for a few weeks because she can't help but work constantly.  She is a good person to have around when things go wrong.

When Heath was born and I was a first time mom trying to figure out how everything worked and struggling with postpartum depression she was right there with me every day.  She brought me meals and cleaned my house and restocked my refrigerator and bought me the necessary unmentionables and offered lots of advice and encouragement.  She did the same each time I gave birth even travelling the 700+ miles to Fresno, in the middle of an extremely hot summer, to be with me when Cora was born.

When I had an appendectomy she flew to my side again.  It was another hot summer and there were kids to take care of and meals to make and toilets to clean and she did it all so that I could recover properly.

My mom has always been a good example of service and hard work to me.  Growing up I watched her volunteer in PTA, take meals in to the sick and  needy, volunteer time to help people with yard work and other household chores all while maintaining her own home and five children.  I love my mom!

Happy Birthday Mom, can't wait to see you when you get home this weekend!

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