Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Halfway There!

Three weeks ago Dave left for Hawaii to start his new job. Three weeks from now the kids and I will be boarding a Hawaiian airlines flight for Honolulu to join him. I am getting so excited.

Every day my list is getting shorter.  I have had lots of help from friends and family to make this possible. My brother-in-law and his wife have been my greatest support followed closely by the rest of my family, friends from church and friends from PTA.  All these amazing people, Thank you!

By the end of the week I should be done getting the house ready for my renter. Once that is done I can move on to selling my car and my boat. And after that I'll have some time to sit back and relax and enjoy family and friends before we depart overseas.

I decided yesterday that the kids will not be attending the last week of school.  As of June 20th all activities will be restricted to family only.  All our out of town family is coming in that week for a funeral and a reunion and it may be a while before we will be able to see them again. Family first, right? or in this case family last: the last full week is reserved for them.

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  1. You will NOT be sorry for pulling your kids outta school early. As a matter of principle, we do it every year. NOTHING goes on the last week or two (or three......) so enjoy your family time. Enjoy your time here, prepare for your next journey.....and don't look back. Your friends will always be your friends.....we will miss you terribly....but like the Michael W. Smith song says....."Friends are friends forever" !!!!


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