Monday, June 20, 2011

Final Pictures of the Finished House

Here is a small sampling of the many photos I took of my handiwork after prepping the house for the new renter.  A big thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish my goals. Whether you made me a meal, pulled weeds, cleaned carpets, hauled trash, adopted a pet, offered encouragement, cut me some slack or any number of other things; I couldn't have done it without you.
Installed a new faucet in this sink.  The handle of the old one kept  falling down and turning itself off unless it was on full blast. A few months ago I also recaulked around the edges of this sink.

Look at how sparkly clean that stovetop is! I am impressed and so thankful to my friends who  cleaned this appliance inside and out as well as the refrigerator inside and out.  Both are jobs I hate doing.

Another new faucet was installed on this sink as well as caulking around the edges.  I did this a few months ago.  Nothing fancy but it works.

My father in law helped me out by installing these new blinds in one of the bedrooms.  The last set had been broken by the girls and duct taped together by Heath.  I didn't think my renter would appreciate that quite like I did.

I am so very tickled by how well these hardwood floors turned out. I love the  natural coloring of the wood and am still amazed at how simple they were to refinish. I am very proud of my work on these floors.  It was the first time I've ever attempted hardwood floors. They cost me less than $1 per square foot!

Another first was installing this vinyl floor.  I've done small square areas before but never a big kitchen with so many different cuts. I found the vinyl on clearance (it had been a roll end) and when all was said and done it too cost me about $1 per square foot.

The basement sewing room got a little face lift with some new paint.  A dramatic improvement from the original pale blue that covered every surface.

This doesn't look like much--and that is exactly what I was hoping for.  This wall used to have several half dollar sized holes in it.  Before it had holes it had a towel rack hanging on it.  Yep, you guessed it: kids decided to play gymnastics on the towel bar and pulled it right out of the wall.  I patched, re-textured and painted the wall and now it looks good as new.

The new front door!  Thank you Ryan for installing this door! It looks so much better than what was there before.

An empty garage?! Never thought that would be possible.  It looks so much bigger empty, can't believe I had so much stuff in there (Nope, I have never kept a car in my garage).

Garage door is fixed, again by Ryan.  Also filled some holes in the wood on top of the retaining wall and touched up the paint where the boat engine scraped against the garage door.
So glad to have it all done and my renter moving in.

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