Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bye, Bye Birdies

The chickens were the first of the pets to fly the coop.  They were my pets and we had only owned them a little over a year and thus they were a little easier to let go of.  I gave one chicken, Rosie, to a friend in University Place who had a flock of 3. I gave the other three chickens to my friend Erin.  She also took the hen house.

The parakeet was a little harder to give away.  Pika was Kirkham's feisty and loving parakeet.  We loved to hear her beautiful singing and watch her play with her bell and other toys. Just like the dog and the chickens before her we had had a lot of people say they were interested and then fall through.  We were very happy to find Pika a new home with Debbie.

Debbie lives in Lakewood and is the daughter of the Eli's whose gardens I toured last summer.  Her garden was just as wonderfully landscaped (It was previously owned by her father: her childhood home).  We enjoyed our tour and the kids are satisfied that Pika is living in parakeet paradise.

The kids introduction to the parakeet aviary. It also includes two cockatiels and some love birds.

Debbie is releasing Pika "into the wild"

The kids spent about 10 minutes watching Pika discover her new cage and cage mates.  

It looks like Pika will be happy, therefore, Kirkham is happy.

We follow the path to take a look at some of the aviaries on the property.

One last goodbye to Pika.

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