Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And They're Off!

We are off to Hawaii today!
Our itinerary:
6am hop out of bed and into our clothes
6:45am depart mom and dads house
7:45am arrive at SeaTac airport
check in, go through security, wait, wait, wait
9:20am depart on Hawaiian Airlines for Honolulu
sleep, read, play, draw, write thank you notes, prepare a shopping list and menu for the week
somewhere over the Pacific the time will change and miraculously after 6 hours of flying we will arrive in Honolulu at 12:30 with 3 extra hours to our day.  I've always wished I could get more time.
Hawaii Time!
12:45pm meet Dave at Baggage Claim
1:30pm lunch at Costco and shop for basics--Dave says he has plenty of box mac and cheese, hahaha.
3pm shopping at Walmart for toiletries and any other essentials
4pm stop in Haleiwa on the way home and get shave ice
5:30pm unload the car at our new (temporary, until August 1st) home in Hauula
rest for a little bit
6:30pm go out to dinner at the fish taco shack in Laie and head to the beach to play until sunset.
8:30pm home. Showers for all and head off to bed--it's been an extra long day.

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  1. make sure you take pictures of your first day at the beach! Oh, how I wish I was a mouse in your pocket going to Hawaii!! I love Hawaii, Visiting that is. Sloane has lots of family so we've been there about four times since we've been married and I love it!! We have always said that we would rather take the kids to the polynesian cultural center instead of Disneyland. Enjoy this one chance of a liftime!!


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