Friday, May 06, 2011

Super Tired

I saw a shirt this morning that read:
Super Mom
Super Wife
Super Tired

I'm feeling it. I am really tired today after a busy week of trying to do everything that I have signed on for in an attempt to win the first two titles on that shirt.  Instead I just get the last one. I am Super Tired.

Yesterday was especially bad and I don't care to elaborate on every event of the day but I will share the highlight: my car broke down. It gave me no warning.  I was parked in a store parking lot on the other side of town (a not too savory part of town) and when I cranked the ignition to start her up it made a horrible grinding noise.  Startled I quickly let off the key, let it rest a minute and tried again.  Same result. Many thoughts screamed through my head.  The loudest was, "this is our only vehicle."

I called my mom and she drove over to rescue me. I emptied the contents of my car into hers and we abandoned it unsure how it would fare until Dave and I could come back for it. My Super-Mom then taxied me around town finishing off the errands I still had time for, picking up my children from school and driving me to her house so I could borrow her spare truck, Clifford (the big red truck). I am so thankful for her help. What will I do without her when I move to Hawaii?  Who will rescue me when I break down in Kaneohe, Haleiwa or (heaven forbid) Aiea?

During the shuffle and the scurry to try to keep up with the previously plotted schedule I had to stop at Albertsons for a few items needed for the evening's Cinco de Mayo dinner: shrimp tacos per Dave's request. (NO, none of it was on sale and NO, I didn't have coupons and YES, by the time I got there it was the pre-dinner rush. All sins: I know. I spent $4.47.) But by the time I got home I didn't have enough time to complete the dinner and pick up the kids from activities and clean up the kitchen and get ready for Relief Society and go with Dave to fix and or tow the broken down suburban. When Dave asked me about my day I broke down and blubbered all about everything that happened before the car breakdown, the breakdown itself, how many to-do's had been displaced and on and on. To which my Super Husband responded, "I'll take care of dinner and pick up Kirkham and get the girls to bed."

Later when we went to take care of the broken down suburban my Super Husband fixed my starter in the rain in 30 minutes time.  Then when the fuel pump stopped working in the middle of a busy intersection as I was driving it home -following him- he didn't get mad that he had to push it out of the street.  Though he was not at all happy that the car was still broken down we were both glad it was closer to home and in a better area of town.  We carefully towed it-with a tow rope behind Clifford-to the repair shop where they are hopefully repairing the problem today so that we can sell that stupid car as soon as possible.  

Super Hubby and I got home after 10pm and it was well after 11 before the boys were in bed and I could go to bed myself. This morning I was up at 5 getting myself and the kids ready for the school's annual Muffins with Mom. After a crazy week, yesterday's terrible day, a rotten night's sleep of barely six hours(I do not do well on less than 8), I have earned and deserve the title; I am Super Tired.

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  1. behind every super husband is a super wife! and i think the fact that you are super tired is evidence that you are a super mom! you do more in one day than i hope to accomplish in a whole week. you are incredible!!! hang in there- you'll be sipping smoothies and exploring new territory before you know it!


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