Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The next 34 days

The movers have come and gone and I am feeling better than I have in at least two weeks.  The toughest part is over (knock on wood), at least for me.  Dave is still trying to find us a place in Hawaii.  The housing market there is really tight--ahh, but that is not my concern it is his.  I must finish the final details of preparing the house for our renter and finishing up the school year with the kids. Here's my schedule:

Wed 25-get settled in our temporary housing, disconnect utilities at the house, return cable equipment to Comcast, make insurance arrangements, make meal plan and do grocery shopping if necessary, minor clean up at house, look at front doors at Lowe's and pick up a few other supplies
Thurs 26-touch up paint in bedrooms , tear carpet out of girls bedroom in prep for refinishing hardwoods. (need to borrow a crowbar and hammer) hang plastic in prep for hardwood refinishing, rent sander and start sanding.
Fri 27- (NO SCHOOL) more sanding, kids work in yard, kids clean up suburban, put suburban on Craigslist
Sat 28- more sanding, seal floors, kids work in yard and on Suburban.
Sun 29-Day of rest, no work scheduled
Mon 30- (NO SCHOOL) sand hardwoods second coat of seal on hardwoods, move kitchen appliances out of kitchen, Heath and Kirkham carefully remove mouldings in kitchen, Heath and Kirkham tear vinyl out of kitchen
Tues 31-sand hardwoods, second coat of seal. prep kitchen floor for new vinyl, lay new vinyl in kitchen, replace appliances back in kitchen.
Wed 1-catch up day 
Thurs 2-thoroughly dust and vacuum house, install transitions at doorways to bedrooms and bathrooms
Fri 3-scrub bathrooms thoroughly, install new shower head, ensure all drains are draining properly
Sat 4- yard work, place washer and dryer on Craigslist, Heath and Kirkham remove and replace roof on shed, move RV to my parents house.
Sun 5-Day of Rest, no work scheduled
Mon 6-Painting
Tues 7-Painting
Wed 8-thorough cleaning 
Thur 9-Complete cleaning, dump run, garage emptied of everything
Fri 10-Clean Carpets and final yard work complete.
Sat 11-Mow Lawns, Birthday/Moving/Graduation party!
Sun 12-Day of Rest, no work scheduled
Mon 13-catch up day for anything left unfinished at the house.  Renters will move in sometime this week!
Tues. 14-Fix carpet issue in boat and install new seats in back. Thoroughly clean boat and place on Craigslist.
Wed 15-gather necessary documents from schools and doctors to transfer.
Thurs 16-catch up day
Fri 17- Mow lawn at house and freshen up yard, Date night with Lisa :)
Sat 18-New tenant arrives? walk through, etc.
Sun 19-Day of Rest, no work scheduled
Mon 20-prep end of year gifts for teachers
Tues 21-grandma and cousins in town?
Wed 22-grandma and cousins in town?
Thur 23-grandma and cousins in town?
Fri 24-grandma and cousins in town?, 
Sat 25-pack up and move everything out of the RV, clean RV inside and out.  Return RV.
Sun 26-Day of Rest, no work scheduled
Mon 27-Last day of school. All laundry washed and bags packed. Goodbyes to friends and family
Tues 28-Flying to Hawaii!! We should be there by noon Oahu time.

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  1. i think i got tired just reading this...


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