Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids' 42 day packing list

Yep, can you believe it 42 more days before we depart for Hawaii. Our stuff, however, departs next Monday.  Therefore, before our stuff leaves we need a few things set aside to hang back with us as we finish out the school year.

Kids please choose clothes appropriate for the Pacific Northwest, all summer clothes will be forwarded on to Hawaii.  If we start wearing summer clothes before we get there we are going to very hot and miserable when we get there.  Also, BEWARE, mom will be culling your closets.  This means that if it is ratty or too small or mom doesn't like it it will be eliminated. Choose your clothes wisely.

Please pack
2 church outfits, including shoes, socks or tights, belts, ties, hair ribbons, etc.
5 pairs of pants--school quality
5-7 shirts--school quality
3 sweaters or sweatshirts--school quality
1 junk sweatshirt (for camping or working)
1 pair junk jeans (for camping or working
2 junk shirts (for camping or working)
2 sets of PJ's
1 Swimsuit
7 pairs of underwear
4 undershirts
5 pairs of socks
2 pairs of shoes (not including church shoes)
1 backpack
1 special doll or stuffed animal or toy.  This must be small enough to fit in your backpack

Mom will pack family toiletries (like toothbrushes and hair gel), a few movies, computer and a few other items.  But everything else--and I do mean EVERYTHING--will be moved by the movers. 

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