Friday, May 13, 2011

Hope for the best

          "We'll press on as if our lives depended on it," Trask said, "because they do. And countless other lives as well."
          "You're a good leader," Seth said pensively, "How do you prepare for an adventure like this?"
          Trask huffed. "You can't fully prepare. You do your best to acquire diverse skills. You try to learn from your successes and mistakes over the years. You try to assemble a team with varied talents and expertise. Mostly, you strive to stay calm enough to think clearly even under extreme pressure. You try to use the adrenaline for focus rather than panic. You stay on your toes, ready to improvise. And you hope for the best."
Mull, Brandon. Fablehaven:Keys to the Demon Prison
Shadow Mountain Publishing, 2010. page 70.

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