Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Sale: Antique Sewing Machine/Desk, Wood Frame Mirror, Bookshelves, and more

We are liquidating many of our possessions in an effort to cut weight for the move. We're hoping to save the proceeds for a few replacement items in Hawaii: a futon or sleeper sofa, a twin size bunk bed, a dresser, 5 bicycles and 3 surfboards, not to mention a few Hawaiian style wardrobe pieces.

I'll be posting more items every few days and will update my posts when stuff has sold. I will not ship anything, I just don't have time, so if you like it please make arrangements to pick it up. All items that are not paid for in cash by May 20th will go into my garage sale on the 21st. Some items may be posted to Craigslist or e-bay before that date. I have made a note in each caption where this may be the case. I gladly welcome all offers.

White wood frame mirror. $35

2 bookcases (they will be empty). $15 each

This is the back of a garden bench I used to have in my backyard and it has a story. If you are a long time reader you know I have a love hate relationship with our family dog. One of the reasons I hate him is because he singlehandedly destroyed this beloved garden bench.  One day the kids were playing with him in the backyard.  It was a hot day and they were eating popsicles and Moe (the dog) wanted their popsicles.  At the time we didn't have a dog run that they could lock him up in to keep him away from their treats so my ingenious children decided to put him on a leash and tie him to my garden bench.  The plan worked great until the kids were distracted by the neighbors in the front yard and left the dog alone in the backyard leashed to my garden bench. When Moe, at that time a 9 month old exuberant pup, spotted a crow invading his territory--it landed on the lawn--he dashed off for the bird with the bench dragging behind him. You will be shocked that he was able to do that when you feel the weight of this piece. The black is solid iron surrounded by a wood frame.  The actual bench was all heavy iron and wood too.  I loved the lattice iron work and couldn't part with this one unbroken piece.  I intended to hang it on the wall but never got around to it.  It has been hiding the wires in the corner of my front room.  Does not include the scarf. $10

Kirkham has been begging me to sell his Bakugan set.  The set includes three Bakugan, one launcher, one wristband, and the 23 cards you see in the picture.  All have been played with but are in good condition.  Kirkham is asking $10 for everything pictured.

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