Friday, May 27, 2011

Finished, Re-finished


On Tuesday the moving truck drove off with all my stuff. Up to the last minute I was removing items from the shipment, concerned that I would go over my 7000 lb. allotment. But once the moving guys showed up I walked out to the front curb, stepped inside my RV and promptly fell asleep. What a relief it was to know that I was now half-way done! All the sorting, selling and packing complete my house is no longer my home.  It is now my rental. A few short weeks from now my renter will be moving in.  Before she does I have a few projects that must be attacked.  {as a side note: I got the official weight of shipment report yesterday and we were over by 100 lbs. Fortunately it all fit in the one container allotment so we were only charged a $60 overweight fee.  Phew!}


Thursday I started in on the hardwood floors in the bedroom.  They were in terrible condition.  Two of the carpets had been pulled up 3-5 years ago but there was one other carpet to pull up.  Thankfully no terrible surprises were hiding underneath. My brother-in-law Ryan and his wife Kris came over to help me tackle the job (they've done this before). Ryan picked up the Rental equipment and the sandpaper and everything else we would need.

I worked the large orbital sander.  The most fun I think I've ever had with a power tool!

Heath, Kirkham and Ryan worked the hand sanders around the edges. Kris worked the cords, the sandpaper, the camera and provided moral support when I was getting worried or tired.

By the end of the night we had most of the old finish off the floor.  Doesn't that look great!
Today we are finishing up the edges and sanding down through two more grits of sandpaper.  Tonight we will put on the first coat of sealant.  We will not be staining the floors.

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