Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping Report and Menu, 4/13/2011

Now that I am moving and trying to eat up all the food storage in my house--it will be too pricey to move it--instead of listing best prices every week I will be reporting on what I had to purchase to supplement my food storage each week. I plan on tracking my savings--the difference between my grocery budget and actual expenditure--and spending it once I get to Hawaii to rebuild what I can of my food storage. My kids, however, are scheming to use the savings to buy surfboards.

My pantry shelves are thinning out dramatically.  I have given away a lot of food that I knew we wouldn't go through like dry milk and dry cheese, cases of chili and canned vegetables, dozens of pounds of pasta and bags of rice and beans. I'm out of cold cereal and peanut butter and jelly.  I don't have any more cocoa powder or brown sugar. I've got 4 more boxes of jello, a can of mandarin oranges, half a box of corn meal and 20 pounds of flour left.I've still got quite a few cans of veggies, tomatoes, beans and soups.

My big freezer is nearly empty too.  It has a few bags of frozen potatoes--hash browns, tater tots, fries--some popsicles and a couple pounds of butter.  I have one more frozen whole chicken.  That is my last meat on hand besides 3 cans of tuna and a half bag of pepperoni.

Two weeks ago I purchased:
Milk, eggs, bananas, pineapple, mangoes, cottage cheese, yogurt, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, peanuts, cold cereal, cabbage, tomatoes, sprouts, raspberry jam, cheddar cheese, ice cream.  I spent $45.

This past week I purchased:
milk, bananas, apples, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, carrots, celery, spinach, soda, tuna fish, strawberries, tortilla chips. I spent $30

For a grand total of $75 over two weeks time.

Subtracting my $75 spent from my $120 budgeted ($60 per week) leaves me with $45 this week to add to my food storage savings/surfboard account for a total of $211.10.

This week's food storage depletion menu:
Remember these are all going to be made with things already in my pantry or freezers when at all possible.

Wednesday: Soup, Salad and fresh bread with honey butter
Thursday: Pot Stickers, rice and veggie stir fry
Friday: Pizza Night-pepperoni
Saturday: Spaghetti, green beans, salad, french bread
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner-Spam, egg & cheese biscuits, tater tots (yes, Spam! "We've got to try it before heading to Hawaii", say the kids)
Monday: Roast Chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, corn
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday- bean and cheese burritos, rice and cabbage salad
Wednesday: Chicken and Dumplings, Salad and fresh bread with honey butter
Thursday: BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, french fries, fruit salad
Friday: Pizza Night- BBQ chicken
Saturday: Macaroni and Cheese, peas, orange slices
Sunday: Easter Dinner with all the trimmings
Monday: Ham & Cheese Braid, broccoli, waldorf salad
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday- Chicken Tostadas
Wednesday: Clam Fritters

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