Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moving and Cutting Weight

Last Friday I found out that I will be moved, by movers! Wow, am I feeling special.  I've never been moved anywhere. I've always had to make all the arrangements myself, pack the boxes myself, transport everything myself. Not this time.

I've known for a while that the school was providing us with some moving expenses and that I was going to be limited to 7000 pounds.  I thought they were just going to drop off a container, I would have to fill it and they would transport it.  We did something like this with ABF U-Pack when we moved from California. I really liked doing it that way because I didn't have to worry about driving a big truck anywhere and they left the container for a few days on each end to pack and unpack.

On Friday when the moving company agent showed up to do an initial inventory of the house I was shocked when he said that I could basically walk out of the house and they would take care of everything.  EVERYTHING! That is both strange and exciting. In fact, he even said the boxes I've already packed they will have to open and verify the contents of. I guess it's for insurance purposes that they have to do that?

Anyways, it will be very nice that I won't have to worry about packing anything else, however, now I have to worry about cutting weight.  While he was inventorying he was also calculating the weight of the contents of my home.  I had to walk along beside him and point out which things would go with and which things would not. He estimated my weight at 9500 pounds, 2500 pounds over my weight limit.  If I want to take more I have to pay for it. It will cost me nearly $4000 to take that additional 2500 pounds. YIKES! Not worth it.

His suggestions for cutting weight were eliminating food and books.  I'm working on both.  I thought I already got rid of as many books as I could but it looks like I may be taking another look at what I've got.  I was thinking of taking a few food items with me but after his suggestion and a warning that everything will be in a metal container for 20 days in the summer sun, I am rethinking that. I will not be taking any food items.

Here are some other items I will not be taking: 3 large decorative mirrors, 2 bookshelves, 4 piece couch set, piano, my chandelier, bedroom TV, motorcycle, antique desk with built in sewing machine, washing machine, dryer, yard tools and equipment, bikes, table saw, lots and lots of home repair items like tile and tile cutters and pipes and lumber, framed and unframed art, silver, china, crystal, water-ski equipment, snow ski equipment, crab pots, winter clothes.

Some of the stuff I will be donating and some of it I will be selling directly to antique shops, comic book shops or other shops.  I've already ebayed quite a few things but may put a few more things up.  I will definitely be using Craigslist, especially for the couches and larger items and to advertise my last moving sale. The sale will be May 19th & 20th. The goal is to get all the extra stuff out before the movers get here so I can just walk out. Nice.

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